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Mickey’s Memories is one of the available Mickey Friendship Quests that can be unlocked by speaking to him. It is the first quest to become available in his friendship questline.

When we speak with Mickey he will mention that he saw us speaking with Merlin. Which apparently made him go into his house in order to fetch something. Unfortunately he cannot remember what is was. He will then blame the Night Thorns for his poor memory.

This specific quest will become available to us after we have completed the royal tools quest and obtained the shovel

PREVIOUS QUEST: Royal Tools (Merlin)

NEXT QUEST: Foodception


After we have successfully accepted the quest our job now is to remove the Night Thorns that are in Mickey’s house.

In order to do this all we need to do is find a Night Thorn and interact with it, this will then remove them from the house.


After removing all of the Night Thorns we can then find a large orange floating ball next to the cooker. This is actually meant to represent one of Mickey’s memories, so go ahead and inspect it.

This will then give us a picture of Mickey sitting at a table outside of Remy’s building.

We can then ask Mickey about this new memory. He will then begin a conversation regarding Remy and how the Night Thorns made people forget. The conversation will continue on and we will then be informed about Remy’s recipes being hidden all over the valley.

We will now be tasked with finding these recipes and we will also be given a tutorial on the collection compendium.

The Collection Compendium is basically a new menu that tells us more about any item that we have recently found. This includes where we can find these items and more..


The picture that we got from Mickey’s memory shows Remy’s building, it is this very building that we will now need to go and find. Remy’s building is actually in the plaza area.

Whilst speaking with Mickey he also mentioned needing the shovel, so with this we will also need to go and do some digging.

The location that we need to dig at is right next to the building. Between the actual building and street light.

You will know if you are digging in the right spot as we should then be able to find the recipe that we need (Fruit Salad)


Once we have successfully managed to find this recipe we can then head into our inventory and use it.

The Fruit Salad recipe will then be added to our meal collection menu.


Looks like the Night Thorns have gotten to Mickey! You speak to him to see how you can help.

The Memory shows you an image of Dreamlight Valley’s past. Mickey tells you about Remy’s recipes. The Little Chef left all his recipes in Mickey’s care. Mickey had them all over the Valley to keep them safe. The recipe for the Fruit Salad is hidden somewhere in the village. You need to find it!

Remove the Night Thorns in Mickey’s House.

Investigate the Memory

Ask Mickey about the memory

Find the location in Mickey’s Memory!

Use the Fruit Salad recipe in your backpack.


A long-lost Fruit Salad recipe. Use it to learn the recipe.

The Fruit Salad recipe sells for 25 coin or more. It also gives you 450 or more energy.


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