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Foodception is one of the Mickey Friendship Quests that players can begin after speaking with Mickey. We can start it after the Mickey’s Memories quest.

Upon speaking with Mickey we will find out that our little companion is feeling a bit depressed. He is unhappy with the garden and has been ever since the Night Thorns showed up.

In order to help cheer Mickey up we will need to create a new recipe known as Crackers or Minnie’s Crackers. I bet she is! Apparently they are easy to bake.

This specific quest is also a tutorial on how to do some gardening in the village. Basically in order to do some gardening we will need to use seeds and be sure to water them. After that we simply wait for these seeds to sprout. However, we will be required to use both the shovel and watering can which we can get during the Royal Tools quest that is given to us by Merlin.

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After we are done speaking with Mickey we will then be given several seeds, one of which includes the wheat seed. Alongside that we will also be given the Minnie’s Crackers Recipe.

In order to learn the Minnie’s Crackers Recipe we will need to head into our inventory, from there we can then begin using it. This will then teach us the recipe. It will then be added to the Meals menu.


After we have learnt the recipe we can then proceed and prepare to make it. First though, we will need to start digging and planting our seeds.

In order to begin digging the seeds we will need to equip the shovel and interact with the ground. We can plant these seeds anywhere, even next to Mickey.

After we are done doing some digging we can then begin planting the seeds. Mickey gave us some earlier so use those. We will need to plant a total of 3 seeds altogether.

(Note: Do not forget to water your seeds. It is actually quite mandatory)


Once we are done planting our seeds we can then speak with Mickey in order to be given our next task. He will tell us to water the seeds, do so if you haven’t already.

After you have managed to water your seeds we can then speak with Mickey once again. We will need to wait for our crops to grow.

Whilst we are busy speaking with Mickey the crops will begin to grow. Sometimes it can take much longer for them to grow, depending on what you have planted. This is a tutorial quest after all.


It will now be time to start cooking the crackers recipe. So let us head home and begin preparing dinner. Yum.

Speak with Mickey and he will mention that we are missing an important ingredient. A stove! Thankfully Mickey has an extra one that we can use. Yes we cannot begin cooking without one.

We will then get a tutorial on how to design our house with furniture and other features. This is quite a big feature within the game so you better get used to the mechanics.

In order to place the stove into the house for us to cook with we will need to head into the Furniture menu. Then from there select the stove option.

We will then get yet another tutorial, this time we will be told how to cook and create the recipes. Basically we cannot cook anything without a stove.

Once we have the stove we can then use various ingredients and coal in order to then create the recipe. Each recipe we create will also be rated depending on how well we did and what kind of recipes we used. The recipes are usually rated out of 5 stars.


Now that we have the stove we can then begin cooking the recipe. To do this simply interact with the stove. This will then allow us to add our ingredients.

The ingredients that we can use depend on what recipe we plan to make first. For this specific quest we will need to make both the Crackers and Fruit Salad. We can get a rough idea as to what ingredients the recipes need by using the menu.

In order to make Fruit Salad we can use the following ingredients; Raspberry, Apples, Bananas,

In order to make Crackers we can use the following ingredients: Wheat


After we are done creating both the Fruit Salad and Crackers recipes we can then report back to Mickey, who will mention that the food looks delicious.


Dig a hole and plant some wheat 0/3

Use the book in your Backpack to learn the Crackers recipe

Well done! Talk to Mickey.

Go to your House with Mickey to start cooking!

Where do we bake? Talk to Mickey.

The stove is part of your furniture. Open your Backpack and find the Furniture menu:

Place the stove in the house

Cook the following meals using your stove:

Fruit Salad


See what Mickey thinks.


A simple Cracker recipe that Mickey loves. Use it to learn the recipe.

The recipe sells for 2 coins or more

The recipe gives +80 Energy or more.


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