Dr Dorian Access Code (Blood Sampler)

Dr Dorian’s Access Code (Dead Island 2)

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As you venture through the harbor or pier section of Dead Island 2 you will eventually find yourself inside the Main Dome. It is here where we will need to search for Dr. Dorian’s access code.

This whole segment is part of the Blood Drive main story mission.


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The Main Dome is a large complex location that you will discover during the Blood Drive main story mission. You will encounter it on the pier section of the main map.

The building itself will have many zombie walker creatures blocking its entrance. Which is accessed through a small staircase that leads up to the doorway.

Once inside you will find that the dome is quite big. It also has many tables full of bodies. Perhaps these were used as test subjects?

If you bring your attention to the whiteboard near the staircase you will notice that, just next to it, there is the blood sampler. However, interacting with it will inform us that there is no power and the computer system will tell us that it needs Dr. Dorian’s Access Code.

We now need to find this access code in order for the blood sampler to extract our blood.


If you inspect the small whiteboard here you will notice that there are several names written down. Along with a section for specimen. All of this is very important.

Anyway one of these name is Dr. Dorian, apparently he was researching the Echo specimen. So search the room and look for something with the words Echo written on it.

Once you have found what you are looking for. The main character will mention that Dr. Dorian was conducting research on the ‘screaming ones’. Basically the Screamer type creatures.

Search for a Screamer type creature in order to continue with the hunt for the access code. A clipboard and a transcript will then appear behind the table. This confirms that it had Dr. Dorian’s signature on it and that the doctor can be found over at Bay 3.

Find the remains of Dr. Dorian in order to be able to locate their access code.


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