Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All 3 Lore Collectibles (A Crystal Crown – Now It Makes Sense) Guide

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As you continue exploring the world of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance you will come across various Tomes, Tablets and other such collectibles. These all count as lore items and getting them all will unlock the Now It Makes Sense trophy achievement

Below is a guide on where to find all of the lore items within the Crystalline Dreams – A Crystal Crown mission, here you will find 3 lore items to hunt down


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the old collapsed mine entrance
  • GUIDE: From the start of the mission continue on as normal, you will end up reaching a portal. The first collectible is to the left of this portal


  • TYPE: Tome
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the old collapsed mine entrance
  • GUIDE: Head through the portal now and onto your first wave of enemies. The next collectible is to the right by the barrels


  • TYPE: Tome
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Use the portal and enter Hagedorn’s Lair
  • GUIDE: Continue through the next portal and to the checkpoint. Follow the rail track right and you should spot this final one next to the ballista


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