God Of War (2018) – Hammer Fall (Favour – Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach the Path to the Mountain mission you will begin unlocking the optional side quests or Favours as the game calls them

One such optional favour is Hammer Fall, which involves destroying the statue of Thor

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Dock at the bridge (Path to the Mountain)
  • REWARDS: TYR’S Lost Gauntlets Recipe, TYR’S Offering, 1880XP, Grip Of Tanngiost, Unfinished Business Trophy Achievement (Only if you complete Dead FreightTime Heals AllThe Anatomy of HopeHammer Fall and Unfinished Business)
  • QUEST GIVER: Lake Spirit
  • LOCATION: Stone Falls – Shores of Nine
  • GUIDE:
  • After meeting with the World Serpent head to, and dock at Stone Falls.
  • Here you will notice that the bridge on the right is up and we cannot pass it. Hmm..
  • Okay in that case head through the nearby gateway and defeat the enemies here
  • After dispatching the foes here, turn right towards the bridge and use your Axe to destroy the chain in order to lower it
  • Head across the bridge and speak to the Lake Spirit here, apparently he has issues with the God Thor and we will now be tasked with destroying a particular statue of him
  • Before you leave the island make sure to open the golden gates by using the mechanism next to the Lake Spirit
  • Head back into the boat and head through the now open gates, dock at the next bit of land
  • On this island head through the gaps between the wall in order to confront yet more enemies.
  • In this area you can find a treasure chest behind the spiked gate, use your Axe in order to open it
  • In order to continue the quest you will need to climb through the hole in the rock, to the right of the spiked gate. Be ready for an immediate Wolf attack
  • From there interact and pick up the large rock to the left, continue on to find another boat
  • We can now use this new boat to travel to the Thor statue
  • The Thor statue is on an island to the immediate left
  • Now in order to successfully destroy this statue we need to break all of its weaknesses.
  • You can find the weaknesses on it’s right arm, the back of it’s legs and the front left leg
  • After the statue topples make sure to collect your rewards from the father’s grave, which is next to the statue
  • Complete the quest by reporting back to the Lake Spirit


We met the ghost of a man who devoted his life to Thor, but now he’s turned against him. He wants us to destroy a statue… not the big one in the Lake of Nine, but a smaller one on an island outside the lake, adorned in emerald. As much as Father hates gods, I bet we’ll help him out.

Now that we brought down the statue we should probably head back to that spirit and let him know. I also have to remind Father that we were allowed to loot the grave by the statue

  • Destroy the statue of Thor
  • Return to the Disciple of Thor


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