God Of War (2018) – The Anatomy Of Hope (Favour – Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach the Path to the Mountain mission you will begin unlocking the optional side quests or Favours as the game calls them

One such optional favour is The Anatomy Of Hope, which involves hunting for bones

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Follow Mimir’s Instructions to the chisel (The Magic Chisel)
  • REWARDS: Tyr’s Waist Armor Piece, Tyr’s Offering, 1880XP, Unfinished Business Trophy Achievement (Only if you complete Dead FreightTime Heals AllThe Anatomy of HopeHammer Fall and Unfinished Business)
  • QUEST GIVER: Lake Spirit
  • LOCATION: The Mason’s Channel
  • GUIDE:
  • Ride the boat North East and head between the two statues of the boatmen, this will take you to the The Mason’s Channel
  • When you arrive at the shore, dock here and speak to the Lake Spirit.
  • You will now find out that this Lake Spirit loved someone named Gullveig, unfortunately though she is no longer amongst the living. However, that does not stop this Lake Spirit wanting to try and bring her back, but in order to do so we need to find her remaining bones.
  • You can start your search for these bones over on the island to the right of the boatmen statues.
  • Use Atreus to destroy the red shatter crystal on the wall and then climb up
  • You can find the first of the bones once you reach the top, it is on the ground to the left.
  • The next area that you can find these bones at is over at the Forgotten Caverns
  • Here head past the Mystic Gateway and climb up the wall
  • Once at the top go ahead and jump the gap
  • You can find the skull on the floor to the right
  • The final location for the bones is at The Ruins Of The Ancient, which is to the North
  • You can find the optional boss Soul Devourer here, it won’t attack you unless you attack it. If you do decide to fight it you will be rewarded with 723XP and Seidr Sigil of Protection (Rare Enchantment)
  • There is also a treasure chest here too which contains a Nilfheim Cipher Piece (which is needed for the The Realm Of Fog quest)
  • As for the bones and the main reason why we actually came here, well that can be found by the water’s edge.
  • After successfully finding all of the bones we can now report back to the Lake Spirit


This ghost wants us to find this dead lady’s bones and bring them back to the rest of her body. She’s missing both hands and her head. It’s pretty disgusting! But if it works, maybe it will be worth it…

Father was right..

  • Recover Gullveig’s Bones
  • Return Gullveig’s Bones
  • Speak to the spirit
  • Kill Gullveig


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