God Of War (2018) – Family Business (Favour – Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach the Path to the Mountain mission you will begin unlocking the optional side quests or Favours as the game calls them

One such optional favour is Family Business, which involves continuing our search for the whetstone

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Follow Mimir’s Instructions to the chisel (The Magic Chisel)
  • REWARDS: Legendary Pommel, 3290XP
  • QUEST GIVER: Sindri
  • PREREQUISITE: Fafnir’s Hoard
  • GUIDE:
  • This favour quest can be unlocked as soon as you start the The Magic Chisel mission
  • From there speak to Sindri, make sure you have completed the Fafnir’s Hoard quest first.
  • Head North of the Forgotten Caverns to Northri Gorge
  • Here open the gate by using the nearby mechanism.
  • You can also find a Mystic Gateway here too
  • Hop back in the boat and ride through the now open gate, you should soon find yourself at the Northri Stronghold
  • On your way you can spot Sindri to the left, shop here if you want there is also another Mystic Gateway you can activate. However, we will be back here later
  • For now continue on past Sindri until you reach a large gate, dock here.
  • Continue along the path and jump the gap, then deal with the new wave of enemies
  • Head across the bridge and you will find a poison area, simply throw the Axe at the cause of the poison which is currently stuck on the ceiling.
  • With the poison currently being take care of you can then find a treasure chest containing 2572 Hacksilver and x1 World Serpent Scale
  • Okay head back to the bridge and if you look to the right you should be able to spot a broken water wheel. Throw your Axe at the large chain to activate it and raise the nearby gate.
  • With the gate having now been taken care of, board your boat once again and dock at the next bit of land.
  • Here fight off the enemies, then look for a hanging box of some kind in the middle of the area
  • Aim your Axe at the rope in which it hangs by and it will come crashing to the floor, once it does climb it.
  • Once at the top if you turn right you can have Atreus destroy the door.
  • Past the poison in here you can find yet another red shatter crystal for Atreus to destroy, behind it is a chest containing x1 Solid Svartalfheim Steel and x3 World Serpent Scale
  • Climb back up and you will be back to where you started.
  • Now if you head right and then left after dealing with the Nightmares that then spawn, you can find another chest this time containing 2531 Hacksilver and x1 World Serpent Scale
  • Head down the hill now towards a large ship
  • If you look to the left you should notice that the bridge is currently up, hmm.. In order to remedy this you will need to aim your Axe at the boards over at the back.
  • Now board this huge ship and a cinematic will play. You will now obtain the whetstone
  • Defeat the enemies that now turn up and we can start making our way back to Sindri
  • To the left of you is a closed gate with the red shatter crystal on it, use Atreus to deal with this.
  • Behind the gate is a chest with 3275 Hacksilver and x2 Solid Svartalfheim Steel
  • Head to the other side of the boat now to find some Nightmares that are rather eager to meet your Axe.
  • Then use Atreus to unblock the passage under the arch. You can also find yet more red shatter crystals by the doorway after jumping the gap.
  • Now head through the door here and you will notice something on the ground. This is actually a scroll that activates the Time Heals All favour quest
  • Now board your boat once again and head through the newly opened archway and more specifically back to Sindri
  • On the way back to Sindri you will need to dock and open the gates by simply pulling the chain here, there are no enemies to be concerned about so just open it and continue on
  • Once you report back to Sindri the quest will then end


Sindri used the sigil on the knife we brought him to trace the Reavers to the Northri Stronghold. That’s probably where they brought their haul from the storeroom, including that whetstone he keeps going on about. We should check it out and see what we can find

Looks like these Reavers were just as paranoid as Fafnir. There’s a giant metal grate blocking our path. Maybe we can open it using the giant water wheel?

We found the son of the Reaver Spirit we met back at Fafnir’s storeroom. Looks like the son’s mutiny led to another mutiny in the end. I guess he had it coming… but it’s still a little sad. Back to the boat now, to bring Sindri his whetstone.

I can’t stop thinking about how this Reaver killed his own father. Why are people so greedy sometimes? At least we found the whetstone Sindri wanted! I wonder what he’ll make us with it… once he finishes cleaning the blood off.

  • Head to the Northri Stronghold
  • Find a way to open the gate
  • Explore deeper into the stronghold
  • Investigate the reaver ship
  • Return to the boat
  • Find a different exit
  • Return to Sindri


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