God Of War (2018) – Light Roots (The Light Of Alfheim – Puzzle Solution) Guide

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As you continue your journey through Midgard you will inevitably come across various riddles and puzzles that you will need to solve in order to progress the story.

One of which occurs during the The Light Of Alfheim mission, where you will come across these specific light roots

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Break into the hive (The Light Of Alfheim)
  • LOCATION: Alfheim
  • GUIDE:
  • As you continue through the The Light Of Alfheim mission you will come across a room with several light roots that need destroying
  • The room will be just up a small hill and though the same puzzle will be present later in the game, this will be the first time that we will encounter these in a particular formation
  • This one actually had me stumped for a while, so I want to make sure you have an easier way of dealing with it.
  • Now the main objective here is to destroy all of the light roots, as only destroying one of them will result in that light root being regenerated.
  • Now it is much easier when you work out that you cannot destroy all of them in the entire room all at once, that is probably impossible. Though I did try to at first and that is probably why it took me so long to finally work it out.
  • Instead you need to destroy these roots three at a time and once you have worked that bit out, you will then notice that these roots are actually all in a nice formation to do just that.
  • So let us first concentrate on the set of roots to the far left.
  • If you get behind them you will notice that you can destroy all three relatively easy. Simply aim for the one in front of you and your Axe will take care of the rest. Notice that after doing this that the roots do not regenerate?
  • The same can be said about the roots that were in front of you as soon as you entered the area.
  • With the last ones having now been dealt with, it will make things easier to get the last set because the roots on the ground are no longer there.
  • Now head to where the roots on the ground were and you should then be able to align yourself up to take out the last remaining ones.
  • Now that all of the light roots have been successfully dealt with, you can now move on..


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