God Of War (2018) – Unfinished Business (Favour – Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach the Path to the Mountain mission you will begin unlocking the optional side quests or Favours as the game calls them

One such optional favour is Unfinished Business, which involves lighting braziers for wayward spirits

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Dock at the bridge (Path to the Mountain)
  • REWARDS: Common Pommel (Versatile Warrior’s Handle), Corrupted Remnant, 1880XP, Unfinished Business Trophy Achievement (Only if you complete Dead FreightTime Heals AllThe Anatomy of HopeHammer Fall and Unfinished Business)
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A. Interact with the brazier
  • LOCATION: Iron Cove – Shores of Nine
  • GUIDE:
  • After meeting with the World Serpent you will be able to explore the Shores of Nine. From there head to the Iron Cove which is to the West
  • Disembark your boat and proceed to read the brazier here
  • You will then be attacked by various enemies, defeat them so we can move on
  • After defeating them return to the brazier and speak to the wayward spirit that just appeared. You will now obtain the Versatile Warrior’s Handle
  • Our next job is to free the remaining spirits, of which there will be 3 more to find.
  • Your next destination is the Forgotten Caverns, which is to the North
  • Once you arrive be sure to read the brazier here and defeat the enemies that then spawn, if your weapons do not work then switch to using fists.
  • After dealing with the enemies speak to the wayward spirit that is now by the brazier and then we can move on. You will now obtain the Corrupted Remnant
  • Do the exact same thing in the following locations;


(Received Corrupted Remnant)


(Received Corrupted Remnant)

  • After visiting and rescuing all 4 wayward spirits the favour will then end.


Lighting these braziers on these islands attracts enemies, but it also gives wayward spirits a chance to ask for our help (and give us things we can use for our journey)

  • Explore the islands of the lake


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