God Of War (2018) – Door Riddle (Path To The Mountain – Puzzle Solution) Guide

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As you continue your journey through Midgard you will inevitably come across various riddles and puzzles that you will need to solve in order to progress the story.

One of which occurs during the Path to the Mountain mission, where you will come across a large circled door that you will need to pass through

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Continue to the mountain (Path to the Mountain)
  • LOCATION: The River Pass
  • GUIDE:
  • After meeting the merchant Brok you will come across this door riddle puzzle, its not exactly difficult to solve but we do need to solve it in order to gain entry and progress with the game.
  • The clues we have is a circled door with pictures on it, basically we need to rotate these pictures in order to form a specific image.
  • You can start the puzzle off by climbing up the ledge behind you and turning the mechanism here, this will activate the door, and with this, it will now begin to rotate.
  • Head back down to the ground level and get out your trusty Axe, we will start with the middle switch first.
  • These switches if you have yet to notice them appear beneath the rotating picture itself. You need to hit them in order to align and solve the image
  • With the middle switch having now been deactivated, the inner section of the picture will now freeze and stop rotating.
  • Now keep an eye on the yellow patterns on the door and try to align them up, this is going to form a Midgard word and so it is best to prioritise them because in doing so will then solve the puzzle
  • When the yellow patterns start taking shape make sure to recall your Axe and let the door rotate as normal once again.
  • After fully aligning the yellow patterns the riddle will then be solved!


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