God Of War (2018) – Second Hand Soul (Favour – Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach the Path to the Mountain mission you will begin unlocking the optional side quests or Favours as the game calls them

One such optional favour is Second Hand Soul, which involves having to search for Brok’s friend

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Dock at the bridge (Path to the Mountain)
  • REWARDS: Rare Pommel (Grip of Volunder), 3290XP
  • LOCATION: Volunder Chasm
  • NEXT: Dues Ex Malachite
  • GUIDE:
  • After meeting with the World Serpent during the Path to the Mountain mission you will be given the chance to explore the Shores of Nine
  • Here head South East to a location known as the Volunder Chasm
  • You will meet with Brok once again. You can speak to him by interacting with the table
  • He will now tell you about one of his friends that has apparently gone missing in the Volunder Mines
  • Interact with the mechanism here in order to unlock the door
  • Then at the end of the path smash and break through the barricade in order to trigger a scene involving the Soul Eater
  • After the scene drop down to the ground below and you will be attacked by various enemies. The easiest way to take them out is by dropping the red lantern on the ceiling
  • After the fight interact with the gate that the Soul Eater went through
  • Continue to follow the path and you will come to a locked door
  • The only way to unlock this door is to find and destroy 3 Seals
  • Anyway hop down to the ground floor and you can find a treasure chest alongside a Treasure Map
  • From here keep to the ground floor and proceed through the gate towards the Soul Eater
  • After the scene we will now have to find these seals in order to unlock the door.
  • You can find the first seal by the gate and next to the treasure chest where you discovered the location of the ring.
  • Now climb up towards the locked door and search for a red lantern that hangs next to it, this is actually the next seal
  • The final seal can be found behind you on the wall, look for a blue symbol.
  • With all 3 seals now dealt with we can now proceed through the door and onto the fight with the Soul Eater.
  • Now the Soul Eater only really has one weakness and that is when it opens it’s mouth, so this fight is more about using ranged attacks than going up close and personal.
  • When the Soul Eater opens its mouth that is when you need to throw your Axe at it, making sue to aim at its mouth to cause proper damage to it.
  • As the Soul Eater takes damage it will drop stuff on the floor, use this opportunity to pick these things up and throw them into its mouth. Doing this will also cause quite a bit of damage and thus the Soul Eater shouldn’t pose much of a threat
  • Anyway after the fight make sure to grab the rewards that it then drops, one of which is the Alchemist’s Ring
  • With the ring now in our possession we can return back to Brok.
  • Interact with the wall to send Atreus up to the ledge above, this will then cause him to lower the chain for you to climb up.
  • Slide down the rope which then follows and defeat the next wave of enemies.
  • After dealing with those proceed to climb up the nearby ledge, continue along the path
  • After climbing down the following chain you will now be officially back in the area where you first encountered the Soul Eater, thus it should be cake walk getting back to Brok.
  • Speak to Brok to complete the favour or side quest


Brok just asked us to find his Alchemist friend, Andvari, at the Volunder Mines. Father isn’t big on helping people for now reward, but Brok DID just give us the entry stone to the Mines.. Maybe we should look into it?

We found the green ring.. still attached to a hand. To make matters worse, the hand is sticking out of the Soul Eater. We’ll have to defeat him if we want the ring.

I hope Brok isn’t too upset about Andvari being dead. I’m not sure exactly what he needed him for, but maybe he will give us a reward for finding the ring?

  • Enter the Volunder Mines
  • Find the dwarf with a green ring
  • Defeat the Soul Eater
  • Retrieve the severed hand
  • Return to Brok


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