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The SS Lucia Mino ship puzzle involves playing with some tricky laser thingymabobs. However, below we have you covered on how to solve it.

It’s rather quite straightforward and up on solving this little puzzle you should be able to open the Bridge doors and advance the plot. 

We also whilst doing this, managed to encounter a glitch which was quite beneficial. It allowed us to simply skip the puzzle altogether. So in reality it is up to you if you want to solve the puzzle or not, of course this glitch may eventually get patched over anyway. 

When you first encounter the puzzle you will notice two doors that need to be opened, plus a small removable plate at the front of the device in the middle, keep a note of this removable plate as you will need it. 

Hmm, so which door should we open first? For the sake of this guide lets open the one on the left first, shall we? In order to open the door you need to hit the small button the the side of the middle device and should be instantly noticeable when you first enter the room. 
Hitting this button will move the laser beams from right, middle and left, thus hit the button enough times for it to open the left door and enter. 

Oh no! Looks like we have stumbled across a mini maze type puzzle, in order to progress you will need to rotate this maze in order for the laser to beam into the main room, that you where just in not long ago. 

In order to switch the laser on simply hit the only button on the maze and hey presto! Unfortunately we are still left with no idea how to get the laser to beam into the other room, darn..

Well not to worry that is why I’m here. As you may of already noticed you have three handles you can operate the maze with, thankfully we only need to use the two of these. 

If you give up, then the simple answer to this is the following ;

Move Left Handle : x2 (Twice – So that the little blue device in the middle is now facing the main room)
Move Middle Handle : x1 (Once – This should solve it)

Remember to make sure you activated the laser here otherwise nothing will beam into the other room. Now for the other room puzzle, thankfully the next one is not too bad. 

Now this next room BEFORE we actually enter it, remember I said to keep a note of the removable plate? if so good! If not then why? I told you to keep a note of it! If you have no idea what I’m referring to it’s the plate looking thing that sticks out of the middle device and is the only removable object in the room. Also, whilst we are here remember to switch the lasers using the middle device so that we can gain entry into this next room.

Now take the removable plate and enter the next room. 

This one should be quite straightforward, simply replace the removable plates popping the strange shaped one into the middle device in the main room.

You will also notice that the laser is actually already switch on in this room, all you need to do now is use the bars of the device that the plate now sits on, until the laser beams into the main room.

Now for the next bit I myself tend to have issues with the PSVR that I use to play this game with. That issue is with the sensitivity and thus what is actually meant to happen is you’re supposed to direct the beams using the plates into the room next to the Bridge door. 

However, for me and the fight with the PSVR sensitivity I was unable to do this, I just could not position the laser beams accordingly. Thus, I decided to be a bit naughty and force a glitch through the Bridge doors and bypassing the puzzle altogether. Of course this is probably not recommended but for those whom are still struggling, here is how I managed to pull it off. Hopefully it doesn’t get patched any time soon.

In order to pull off this glitch simply head to the Bridge doors (the ones to the left as you near the fork out of the puzzle area). Whilst at these doors, you will want to keep your head down as much as possible so you are looking at the floor, and as well as doing that constantly push the character against the door. Keep doing this until you get three loading circles on the screen, ignore those and keep pushing. Eventually you will find yourself in Space, lovely isn’t it?

When you have teleported into Space turn around and you will hopefully discover you have passed through the Bridge doors and can now successfully progress the plot. 

I actually was quite surprised to get this glitch to work, in 30 odd years of playing video games, it is the first glitch that I have come across myself (without looking at anyone else’s guides, meaning I purely came across it myself). I wasn’t expecting it to work neither and thus thought my days of playing this game where over ha!
Though, I probably shouldn’t be I won’t lie I am kind of proud to of come across this little glitch ha!

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