(DW) Doctor Who : The Edge Of Time – Bugs / Painting / Flame (Puzzle Guide)

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Doctor Who – The Edge of Time has many different puzzles to solve, one of which involves Bugs and Flames!

When you reach Chapter 3 which so happens to be the chapter to feature the lovable Weeping Angels, you will encounter a puzzle that involves Bugs now this one is relatively easy to solve as your companion will tell you what to do anyway.

However, if your still stuck then let us continue..

Hmm, so here we have a giant picture featuring bugs. However, these are not just any random bugs in fact they represent the life cycle of the Butterfly, thus if you know your Butterflies then you will know this simple solution. If not then I being a nice person that I am, will tell you the answer…

Okay before proceeding though I’m sure you have or hopefully have figured out that there are books in the room, four red ones with pictures on the front to be exact. These are important as you need to throw them into the Fire, in order to burn them. However, the books need to be burnt in a certain order and that order is the representation of the Butterfly life cycle. 

The Butterfly life cycle is as follows:

1) Leaf (Sitting next to the Fireplace)
2) Caterpillar (Sitting on the bookshelf to the right of the door)
3) Chrysalis (Sitting next to the Skull to the right of the Fireplace)
4) Butterfly (Sitting to the left of the door)

Burn all of the books in this order to advance the plot. Next puzzle or task is to find Candles (hence the Flame part), now you may need to use the music player to switch between night and day to find these Candles, once you have them you will need to place them onto the holders by the creepy picture. 

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