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Doctor Who – The Edge of Time has many different trophies and achievements to unlock, one of which is Hero of Time! This involves smashing pots in Sir Manfred Grayle’s home. 

This is another rather simple and easy one really, however lets crack on shall we?

Okay so on Chapter 3 I think it was? regardless it is the chapter that features the Weeping Angels, so head onto that chapter if you haven’t already done so.

This home belongs or rather belonged to Sir Manfred, however since he is no longer around we can now smash up his property! How delightful! 

Keep in mind though, that only some of the pots actually count towards the trophy achievement whilst the others are purely there for decoration. 
You can always tell which is which as the decoration purposed ones do not smash when you throw them on to the floor, instead they have a habit of bouncing. Ignore these, these are duds. 

Strange though, one thing that has always puzzled me is the name of this particular trophy achievement and that is Hero of Time!, why is it called this? I mean the trophy achievement doesn’t even involve time, its just a simple case of pots and throwing them. Nothing about time at all. Still perhaps on second thought, it may be related to the whole music player and the fact it can turn day into night and vise versa. Hey presto! thinking what I’m thinking?

Okay simply put and listen closely, there is not enough smash-able pots in this place for one round and before you start worrying about how to find more to smash. I have just given you a handy little clue. 

If you still have no idea what I’m talking about then, your going to need to use the music player in the room to alter time and thus respawning the pots again. This is actually the only way you will have enough of them to find and be able to smash! So have fun!

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