Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Snipers’ Alley (Side Quest) Guide

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One of the many optional side quests within Dying Light 2: Stay Human is Snipers’ Alley. This requires us to go after the sniper

This specific side quest will only unlock if you chose to save Hakon during Mission 9 – Revolution.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one…

REWARDS: 2,250 Combat Points, 750 Parkour Points


  • This particular quest will start off with a sniper attack and, at first, we seem to of found our self in a very small compact area. Every time we move the sniper seems to notice, its like they are eagle-eyed
  • Anyway when you are ready the first thing you want to do is slide down the nearby pipe, this will allow us to move around more freely without getting hit.
  • Now if you look to the left there is a large brown building, the sniper is positioned here. Use your binoculars.
  • Getting to him will prove to be difficult as we need to cross through the hazardous zone.


  • In order to best try and avoid the toxic waste keep an eye on the path, there should be less contaminated areas. Also swimming in water can also help.
  • Anyway make your way to the sniper’s position and he will end up moving to the rooftop of the Houndfield Electrical Station, keep following him and you will reach a ladder. Climbing the ladder will trigger a scene.


  • To the left side of the building, just after the nearby tunnel, there will be a truck and next to this is a ladder. Use the ladder. Up here we can find some Chamomile
  • Continue climbing up and use the wooden planks to get across and towards a swinging crate. Use this swinging crate to reach an above ledge.
  • Now lets get revenge for my dear boy, Hakon!


Hakon was attacked by a sniper. And yes, he was a murderer: he killed Lucas and, worse, worked for Waltz. But he also saved my life.. more than once. I decided to help him.


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