Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Alberto’s Promise Or Heading To The Center (Mission 9 – Revolution) Guide

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human has many different optional dialogue choices throughout the main story. One such dialogue option relates to either fulfilling Alberto’s promise or heading straight to the Center.

This specific dialogue option occurs during Mission 9 – Revolution and more specifically when you are done with the explosives.

After the scene involving the tragic death of Alberto, before he dies, he will want you to report to his son Vincenzo. Alberto wants Aiden to tell Vincenzo that he is proud of him and that he basically loves him.

When you try to leave the building Hakon will contact you and he will want you to join him, in order to head to the Center together.

We will now be given 20 seconds in which to choose from either fulfilling Alberto’s promise or siding and joining up with Hakon instead.

  • FULFILLING ALBERTO’S PROMISE: Choosing this option will make us head to the Bazaar for more story. It will also result in a boss fight against Anderson. Hakon will not be very happy with this but will be willing to wait.
  • I’M GOING TO THE CENTER: Picking this option will result in skipping the story that takes place at the Bazaar. Great if you are in a rush or have already chosen the other option during a separate playthrough.


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