Dying Light 2: Stay Human – All Mission Dialogue Choices. Missable Rewards Guide.

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As you continue through Dying Light 2: Stay Human you will no doubt come across various segments within the game that will allow for choosing certain dialogue choices, and siding with specific factions.

The first time you will encounter dialogue options is during the Radio Tower (Pilgrim’s Path). A lot of the dialogue choices do not have much of an impact on the game. However, some of the much later choices actually do. Some of these later ones can change parts of the game and unlock hidden rewards.

Due to the game’s auto save feature you will not be able to change your mind later. The only way around this is to create a brand new playthrough.

Anyway below is a list of these dialogue choices and what outcomes can come from it..


  • MISSION: Mission 1 – Pilgrim’s Path
  • LOCATION: Radio Tower
  • INFO: When you arrive at the Radio Tower you will be able to select from various different frequencies. Some of them reveal conversations amongst random thugs and bandits.
  • To progress the game, the correct frequency is 140.200 MHz

  • MISSION: Mission 4 – The Only Way Out
  • LOCATION: Maya’s House
  • INFO:
  • During this mission you will be tasked with finding a girl named Maya. Maya will have the Lazarus that we need but will only give us it if we pay her.
  • If you choose to pay her then Maya will be pleased.
  • If you refuse to pay her she will end up giving it to you for free.

  • MISSION: Mission 7 – The Raid
  • LOCATION: Tango Motel
  • INFO:
  • This one is the first dialogue choice that has an impact on the game, in this case we can unlock a hidden reward. You can find out more about this one here
  • It involves choosing to either side with Sophie or Aitor.

  • MISSION: Mission 8 – Water Tower
  • LOCATION: Horseshoe Water Tower
  • INFO:
  • At the Horseshoe Water Tower you will encounter both Jack and Joe.
  • Here you will have the option to either fight them or help them.

  • MISSION: Mission 9 – Revolution
  • LOCATION: Old Villedor Master Windmill
  • INFO:
  • After you are done placing all of the explosives you will then be given the choice to either fulfil Alberto’s promise or to head to the Center with Hakon.
  • You can read more on this one here

  • MISSION: Mission 9 – Revolution
  • LOCATION: Hakon’s Hideout
  • INFO:
  • When you arrive at Hakon’s hideout, the two of you will attempt to leave and head for the Center.
  • This gives us the choice of either helping Hakon or letting him die. It can impact quite a bit of the story.
  • You can read more here

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