Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Leave Hakon To Die Or Help Hakon (Mission 9 – Revolution) Guide

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human has many different optional dialogue choices throughout the main story. One such dialogue option relates to either helping Hakon or letting him die.

This specific dialogue option occurs during Mission 9 – Revolution and more specifically after Hakon gets shot with a crossbow.

When you meet up with Hakon over at his hideout, as you try to leave together Hakon will end up getting shot by a crossbow.

Aiden will try to help his companion, in doing so he will notice that Hakon has the injury resulting in him being Lucas’s murderer. He also ends up spilling the beans regarding working for Waltz.

However, up until this point Hakon has been a great companion and even ended up saving Aiden on multiple occasions. He is also the best character in the game, lets be honest.

Anyway it is at this point where you will be given 20 seconds in which to choose Hakon’s fate…

  • LEAVE HAKON TO DIE: Picking this option will result in a confrontation against Hakon later in the game. Meaning this crossbow shot won’t actually kill him. However, your friendship with him will come to an end. I’ll also personally dislike you for this too muwhahaha.
  • HELP HAKON: Helping Hakon will unlock the Snipers’ Alley side quest. Your friendship with Hakon will also continue. This option also gives you the chance to revive the Night Runners too. This, from a personal perspective is the correct choice muwahahaha


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