Dying Light 2: Stay Human – The Raid (Mission Walkthrough) Guide

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The Raid is one of the many available main story missions. It involves getting revenge for Sophie

REWARDS: 1,500 Combat Points, 250 Parkour Points, Inferno Mod, x3 Resin, Oxidizers, Hermann’s Bludgeon


  • Head to the rooftop in order to meet up with Hermann, he is a man of few words and so Aiden decides to rest and wait for Sophie.
  • We will now be in one of Aiden’s flashback dreams. There is nothing much to do right now so just keep following the quest marker.
  • After the scene speak with Sophie and it will be time to leave.
  • Go ahead and speak with Aitor, who is on the nearby rooftop.


  • After speaking with Aitor return back to Sophie, who has now gone missing.
  • Feel free to speak with everyone here before turning your attention to Sophie. Vincenzo has some interesting information regarding the hospital incident.
  • When you are ready speak with Sophie to proceed.


  • Head over to the rooftop and speak with Sophie, who has now caught on about the Peacekeepers watching our progress.
  • It is now time to infiltrate the enemy hideout. Use your binoculars to gain some intelligence over the building.
  • Navigate your way through the hideout and you will stumble across the Bandit Lieutenant, defeat him.
  • Our next objective is to make this place one of our safe areas, we can do this by interacting with the nearby mechanism. We will now obtain the Flag Burning trophy achievement.


  • Go ahead and free Carl who is locked inside the nearby room. We will then have to make our way to Tango Motel
  • Head to the Tango Motel and we will be given a dialogue choice. We either have the option to try and rescue Sophie or we can bail and report back to Aitor. The choice is yours to make but you will only have 20 seconds in which to make it.


  • Choosing to join Aitor – Will result in you joining forces with the Peacekeepers, upsetting Sophie and her faction in the process.
  • Choosing to help Sophie – This will result in having a confrontation with Hermann. At this point you can also change your mind and side with Aitor should you want to.
  • Conclusion: Regardless of what option you pick the story will end up taking you to the water tower.
  • Hermann’s Bludgeon: The optional reward for this mission is a 22 damage blunt mace, this can be got by joining Sophie


  • Siding with Sophie will task you with searching through the motel.
  • Inside the motel head to the top floor to find a locked room. Hmm, it seems we have reached a dead end.
  • Head outside and we will have to climb our way to the window of the building. From there continue on to find a radio. A scene will trigger. Eliminate the threat.
  • Feel free to explore the garden area for potential crafting supplies, and then head back through the door to encounter an unhappy Hermann.
  • Herman uses a large weapon that can deal quite a bit of damage so try to avoid this. Then after the fight return back to the garden and head into the room with the Inhibitor. Try to open the gate for a scene.
  • We will once again get a dialogue option where we can continue working with Sophie or betray her for Aitor and the Peacekeepers. Selecting the Try Me option will allow us to return to Aitor


Sophie wanted revenge for the deaths of her friends. By helping her, I hoped to gain the trust of the Bazaar residents and find out who killed Commander Lucas.


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