Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Siding With Sophie Or Aitor (Mission 7 – The Raid) Guide

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human has many different optional dialogue choices throughout the main story. One such dialogue option relates to either siding with Sophie and her faction or joining up with Aitor and the Peacekeepers.

This specific dialogue option occurs during Mission 7 – The Raid and more specifically when you are tasked with going to the Tango Motel.

During this segment you will be given 20 seconds in which to make your decision, which isn’t long. So you are probably wondering which choice might best suit your playstyle.

Considering that you cannot simply reload later on in the game, in fact if you later decide that you dislike your choice for whatever reason then the only way to correct this is by doing a brand new playthrough.

So the results of this specific choice is as follows:

  • SIDING WITH AITOR (THE PEACEKEEPERS) – Choosing to side with Aitor and the Peacekeepers, will result in getting a negative response from Sophie. You will also miss out on the optional weapon (Hermann’s Bludgeon)
  • SIDING WITH SOPHIE: Choosing to side with Sophie will result in a confrontational boss fight with Hermann. You will also be rewarded with Hermann’s Bludgeon.
  • CONCLUSION: Regardless of the choice you make you will be given the same mission of heading to the Water Tower. The only difference will be which company will be going with you. Either the Peacekeepers or Sophie’s faction.
  • HERMANN’S BLUDGEON: This weapon will only be given to you if you choose to side with Sophie. It is a rare 2-handed Mace, with 22 damage, and 138 durability. Its other stats include Blunt damage and +5% Stance Meter Damage.


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