Elden Ring – Greyoll’s Roar (Legendary Sorceries & Incantations) Guide

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The legendary sorceries and incantations is one of the many trophies and achievements within Elden Ring. Getting them all will unlock the trophy achievement.

This specific page is focused on Greyoll’s Roar.

DESCRIPTION: Emits the roar of Elder Dragon Greyoll
LOCATION: Caelid (west of Fort Faroth)

In order to acquire the Greyoll’s Roar you will have to travel to Caelid and west of Fort Faroth, here you will encounter the dragon, Elder Dragon Greyoll. Defeat Greyoll, this should then reward us with 5 Dragon Hearts, we only really need 3.

With the Dragon Hearts head to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion and interact with the altar here to purchase the Greyoll’s Roar skill


Superior incantation of Dragon Communion.

Channels the power of Greyoll, the Elder Dragon.

An incantation of legendary status

Transforms caster into a dragon to emit a terrible roar, reducing the attack power and defence of nearby enemies.

Greyoll was the mother of all dragons, dwarfing all who stood before her like a looming mountain.


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