Elden Ring – How To Find Patches (Merchant – Patches’ Emporium) Guide

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There are many merchants that you will no doubt come across during your adventures through Elden Ring. One such merchant is Patches.

Patches is a well known character that has appeared in all of the FromSoftware and their souls-like games. His original appearance was back in Demon Souls, where he would appear in various different places such as The Nexus, Stonefang, and even the Shrine of Storms. From there he also managed to make appearances in both Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Up until Bloodborne he was always known as Patches, the Hyena. However, in Bloodborne he was renamed as Patches, the Spider.

Patches made a living of becoming a merchant selling unique treasures that can be rather useful to the player. However, he was also somewhat of a scoundrel as he would often try to get the player character killed. Making him somewhat of a villain, yet a key fan favourite throughout the many games he has featured in thus far.

Well, fans will be pleased to know that Patches also makes an appearance in Elden Ring too. This time he goes under the name of Patches, the Untethered.

In Elden Ring he is also seen as a merchant. However, trying to find him might be a bit tricky as he enjoys lurking underground.

This guide will try to help people with finding him…

(Note: Finding Patches is one of the many hidden optional side quests)


In order to find Patches you will need to travel to Murkwater Cave, on the west side of Limgrave.

Once you make your way inside the cave continue on and follow the path. Ignore the enemies that may spawn and keep to the right.

Eventually you will reach Patches’ hideout, which will seem like any ordinary empty room at first.

However, if you look there will be a nice treasure chest that we can investigate. It won’t really contain anything of interest. Merely a Cloth Garb and Cloth Trousers.

Having said that though, once you do try and open this chest it will trigger Patches to appear behind you. Obviously he isn’t going to be very happy that you decided to rummage through his belongings without permission. Thus you will then be forced to fight him.

Patches will be mainly fighting using both a spear and shield, so just try to stay behind him and avoid his attacks. When he does attack that is when you can go in for the strike.

When he has lost enough health he will then try to submit to defeat. Here you will be given the choice of either deciding to kill him and finish the job or to spare him.

If you choose to kill him you will be rewarded with the Patches’ Bell Bearing, Spear+7, Thief Leathers, Thief Gloves, and Thief Trousers.

However, if you choose to spare him he will then become a merchant and will happily sell his wares to you. You will also receive the Golden Rune and Grovel for Mercy emote gesture.

Some of the stuff that Patches has to sell include Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot (boosts rune acquisition for a time), Fan Daggers, Margit’s Shackle (briefly binds Margit), Stonesword Key, and Missionary’s Cookbook.

Note: In order for Patches to begin selling his wares you will have to leave the room. Simply rest at the nearby site of grace and then return to him. Or just come back later, whenever you feel. You can also ask Patches about the bandits he mentioned too.


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