Elden Ring – Iron Fist Alexander (Tin Pot – FULL Side Quest) Guide

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One of the optional side quests within Elden Ring relates to the rather amusing tin pot cauldron that appears to be stuck in the ground. This tin pot is known as Iron Fist Alexander.

His first appearance can be found in Northern Stormhill right next to the Saintsbridge. It then ends at the Dragon Temple Altar.


You can first find Iron Fist Alexander over at Northern Stormhill, by the Saintsbridge. He will be stuck in the ground and you will need to help him out. Simply smack him from behind until he pops out of the ground.

Helping him out of the ground will reward in getting the Triumphant Delight emote gesture


After you have spotted Alexander over at the bridge you will then need to travel to Smoldering Wall. Here there will be a hidden cave near the cliff edge (Gael Tunnel)

At the ground floor of Gael Tunnel there will be a site of grace. Continue on along the path until you reach a dead end. Alexander will be inside one of the rooms here. Speak to Alexander.


His next location is Chamber Outside the Plaza over at Redmane Castle. He will be hanging out at the castle courtyard.

Speaking to him, he will confess that he is looking forward to fighting Radahn. We will now have to fight Starscourge Radahn. Whilst fighting Radahn, Alexander will become one of the many summons.

After successfully defeating Starcourge Radahn you will then want to speak to Alexander once again. He will then feel rather overwhelmed and determined to become better.


For this next step you will need to purchase Oil Pot (if you don’t already have any). These can be traded from the Abandoned Merchant over at Siofra River Bank for Melted Mushrooms. Buy quite a few Oil Pots if possible.

With the Oil Pots in hand we now want to head to the Artist’s Shack, in North-East Liurnia of the Lakes. Here head to the cliff edge and you should notice that Alexander has somehow managed to get himself stuck once again.

Now just smacking him from behind will not work this time. Instead you will need to use the Oil Pots a few times first, then you can smack him one.

As a reward we will be given the Exalted Flesh


Alexander can then be found near Fort Laiedd at a place called Seethewater Terminus, west of Mt. Gelmir. Here you will want to walk along the lava field until Alexander begins to warn himself. You will then spot him in the lava

We will receive a Jar


Head to the Foot of the Forge in Mountaintops of the Giants. Here we can summon Alexander using a golden summoning message on the ground. Use the Alexander summon to fight and defeat the nearby Fire Giant.

After the fight Alexander will disappear and its of to the final location


The final location is over at the Dragon Temple Altar. Here you will need to be on the search for a fog wall that requires two Stonesword Keys.

After passing through the fog wall there will be an elevator that leads to a site of grace. Continue to follow the path up and to the right.

You will then have to fight Alexander. Flame on! For defeating Alexander we will get the Shard of Alexander, Warrior Jar Shard, and Alexander’s Innards

(The Warrior Jar Shard is capable of boosting the attack power of skills

The Shard of Alexander greatly boosts the attack power of skills)


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