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The world of Assassin’s Creed Mirage is full of riddles and Enigma Treasures for you to find. Enigma Treasures are essentially buried treasure chests, whose location can only be revealed by solving a riddle. They can be a real pain to solve, but your effort will be rewarded with unique cosmetics, the ‘Riddle Me This’ achievement, and progress toward bigger achievements such as ‘Explorer’.


Explorer (Explore all territories)
Gifted Escapist (Collapse 20 Scaffolds)
Enigma Treasure Assassin's Creed Mirage

How Many Enigma Treasures Are There?

In total, there are 12 Enigma Treasures in Assassin’s Cred Mirage. They include:

  • Surrender. 
  • Find What I Stole.
  • A Gift For You.
  • Just Rewards.
  • Solve This Problem Quickly for Me. 
  • Joy Beneath Weeping Palms.
  • Reap From the Ruins.
  • A Challenge.
  • Delight By the Dome.
  • A Holy Hoard.
  • The Gift.
  • Left Behind.
Enigma Treasure Assassin's Creed Mirage

How to Find the Enigma Treasures

You can find each Enigma Treasure clue in the following locations.

Enigma’s 1-6

  • Surrender. You can find this enigma by traveling to the Tomb of the Zubaydah. It’s located just to the Northeast of the Tomb. 
  • Find What I Stole. Firstly, you’ll need to head to Harbiyah. From here, head to the Qutrabbul Gate. To the Southwest, you should find the enigma under a tarp in the tree line. 
  • A Gift For You. This clue is located in the Round City, in a house to the Southwest of the Palace of the Green Dome. 
  • Just Rewards. You’ll find this Enigma within the Basra Gate of the Round City.
  • Solve This Problem Quickly for Me. Found in Karkh, inside the Officer’s Club in the Northeast of the city. 
  • Joy Beneath Weeping Palms. This clue is located in The Wilderness, to the Northeast of the Tuesday Market. 

Enigma’s 7-12

  • Reap From the Ruins. To find this Enigma, head to the most southwestern building in Jarjaraya. 
  • A Challenge. You will find this Enigma within Abbasiyah, in a building south of the Scriptorium. 
  • Delight By the Dome. This Enigma is located on top of the Dome of the mosque in Abbasiyah.
  • A Holy Hoard. Located in Harbiyah, just to the south of the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse. 
  • The Gift. Located in a building covered in foliage, on the Western outskirts of Abbasuyah.
  • Left Behind. To find Left Behind, you’ll need to travel to the Metal Factory in Harbiyah. Then, go to the nearby house- you should see a corpse holding the clue. 

How Can You Solve The Enigma Treasures?

Once you’ve found the clue, you’ll need to solve it to reveal the treasure. Solving each Enigma Treasure is definitely the hardest part of the entire treasure-hunting process. 

With that in mind, here’s how you can solve each Enigma with ease.

Enigma’s 1-6

  • Surrender. If you want to solve this Enigma, you’ll need to travel to the village of Ukbara. The treasure is located in the submerged house.
  • Find What I Stole. To solve this Enigma, head to the Soap Boilers area. From here, walk to the gazebo and you should find the Enigma Treasure.
  • A Gift For You. This enigma can be solved by heading the Maxalim Courts. Once you arrive, find the fountain on the West side of the area. The treasure will be hidden at the edge of this fountain. 
  • Just Rewards. Solving this Enigma is pretty easy. Just go to the Shurta Headquarters, and you’ll find the treasure buried near the wall to the South. 
  • Solve This Problem Quickly for Me. To solve this Enigma, travel to Jarjaraya. From here, head northwest. You should see a house next to a burned-down village. The treasure will be inside this house.
  • Joy Beneath Weeping Palms. To solve Joy Beneath Weeping Palms, take the path from the Tuesday market that goes South. Once you find a fork in the road, turn right. This will take you to a patch of palm trees. The treasure is located underneath the tree with the blanket next to it.

Enigma’s 7-12

  • Reap From the Ruins. You can solve this enigma by heading to the marshland in the southeast. The treasure is buried behind the main portion of the ruins. 
  • A Challenge. This Enigma poem will tell you to find a building to the east of the Gate of Thair. You can find the building in between the two massive waterwheels. The treasure is on the ground floor of this building. 
  • Delight By the Dome. To solve this Enigma Treasure, head to the Dome of the Ass. You’ll find the treasure buried within the surrounding grounds. 
  • A Holy Hoard. This enigma can be solved by heading north to the main river. From here, you should see a building surrounded by water- the treasure is inside this building. 
  • The Gift. To solve this enigma, you’ll need to follow the nearby river down to the Muhawwal Gate. The treasure will be resting near the big bridge.
  • Left Behind. Solving this Enigma is pretty tricky. Firstly, head to the abandoned village on the coastline. You’ll then encounter two cheetahs, who you’ll need to kill before collecting the treasure.
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