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Fearless is an achievement in Assassin’s Creed Mirage that requires you to synchronize every viewpoint in the game. Currently, there are 21 different viewpoints to find throughout the map. Keep reading to find out where these viewpoints are, and how to synchronize them with ease.


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Gifted Escapist (Scaffolding Structures)
Fearless Assassin's Creed Mirage

Synchronize All Viewpoints

To complete the Fearless achievement, all you need to do is synchronize every viewpoint in the game.

Viewpoints are normally massive towers and all look fairly similar, which makes locating them much easier. To synchronize a viewpoint, all you need to do is climb up to the top of the viewpoint, which will initiate the synchronization process. The method is exactly the same as previous titles. 

Synchronizing a viewpoint will allow you to fast travel to that location at any point outside of the main story missions. This is an incredibly useful feature and makes completing Fearless all the more worthwhile. 

After you synchronize all 21 viewpoints, you will unlock the Fearless Achievement alongside 30 points or a silver trophy, depending on the console you play on. 

Fearless Assassin's Creed Mirage

Viewpoint Locations for Fearless 

Here are the 21 different viewpoints that you need to synchronize to unlock Fearless, grouped by location.

Harbiyah Viewpoints for Fearless

There are four viewpoints in Harbiyah to synchronize for the Fearless achievement. They are:

  • Viewpoint 1. Firstly, look for the massive tower in the Shari District, located north of the Harbiyah Bureau.
  • Viewpoint 2. Located in the Persian district, next to the Great Mosque. 
  • Viewpoint 3. Located in the Zubaydiyah District, next to the Nestorian Monastery.
  • Viewpoint 4. Found West of the Prince’s Palace within the Khuld District.

Wilderness Viewpoint Locations

Next, here’s where you can find the Wilderness viewpoints:

  • Viewpoint 1. This is one of the easiest viewpoints to find to complete Fearless. Just head to the Northern Oasis and climb the ruins.
  • Viewpoint 2. Located just above Anbar. You should be able to see this viewpoint if you look South whilst in the city.
  • Viewpoint 3. Located on a huge mountain near Dur-Kurigalzu.
  • Viewpoint 4. Found next to the windmill on the outskirts of Baghdad.
  • Viewpoint 5. Firstly, head to the other oasis in the Wilderness. Then, climb the nearby hill and you should be able to see the viewpoint on the top of a small building.
  • Viewpoint 6. Found by heading southeast from the same oasis. Keep walking until you see a mosque- the viewpoint will be on top of it. 
  • Viewpoint 7. Lastly, this viewpoint within the wilderness can be found if you head Southeast from the city of Jarjaraya. You should be able to find the tower next to a group of trees.

Round City Viewpoint Locations for Fearless

Then the next viewpoints needed to complete Fearless can be found in the Round City, in the following locations:

  • Viewpoint 1. Firstly, this viewpoint is located directly in the center of the Round City. 
  • Viewpoint 2. Located on the Southeastern side of the Round City, just next to the city wall.
  • Viewpoint 3. You can find this viewpoint by turning 180 degrees from the last viewpoint and heading in a straight line to the other side of the city. 
  • Viewpoint 4. Then the last Round City viewpoint can be found just to the east of the third viewpoint. 

Karkh Viewpoint Locations

Afterward, there are three Viewpoints to find within Karkh, all of which need to be synchronized to complete Fearless:

  • Viewpoint 1. Found at the Monastery of the Virgins within Southeastern Tabik.
  • Viewpoint 2. Found next to the border of Tabik and Shaqiyah, near Al-Mi’dhana Al-’Ateeqa.
  • Viewpoint 3. Finally, to find this viewpoint, head to the Fief of Rayansanah. The tower will be just next to the building. 

Abbasiyah Viewpoint Locations

Finally, the last three viewpoints you need to find to complete fearless can be found within Abbasiyah, in the following locations:

  • Viewpoint 1. Firstly, to find this viewpoint, head to the observatory in Northern Yasiriyah. You should find the tower on top of the observatory.
  • Viewpoint 2. Found on top of the mosque located next to the river running through Kahtabah.
  • Viewpoint 3. Finally, the 21st viewpoint can be found on top of the Dome of the Ass within Southern Haylanah. 

After you synchronize all of these viewpoints, you will shortly be rewarded with the ‘Fearless’ achievement, as well as 30 points/a silver trophy. 

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