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The Awakened God is one of Lies of P’s hardest achievements to complete. To unlock this achievement, you will need to defeat Simon Manus, which makes for an incredibly tricky fight. However, you will need to complete the Awakened God if you want to 100% complete Lies of P.

The Awakened God is worth 15 points/a bronze trophy. Currently, only 2% of players have unlocked it. 

The Awakened God Lies of P

Kill the Awakened God Simon Manus 

To complete The Awakened God, the only requirement is that you kill Simon Manus. Manus is the leader of the Alchemists and may be the final boss that you face. And to reach him, you’ll need to work your way through to the final non-optional mission of Lies of P.

Where to Find Simon Manus 

You first meet Simon Manus in the Grand Exhibition Conference Room after successfully taking out Champion Victor. However, you won’t get the opportunity to fight Manus, and subsequently unlock The Awakened God achievement, until you reach Arche Abbey in Chapter 11.

Because you can only face Simon Manus at the end of the game, The Awakened God will likely be one of the final achievements you pick up during your first Lies of P run.

The Awakened God Lies of P

How to Defeat The Awakened God

Simon Manus, The Awakened God, has two phases, just like most of the late-game bosses.

Phase One

During phase one, Manus will be in his ‘Arm of God’ form. In this phase, Simon Manus will mainly use melee attacks. However, these attacks have a huge reach, so you’ll need to stay further away than normal when retreating out of range.

In terms of strategy, the best plan is to dodge or block one of his attacks, and then retaliate with your own quick strikes before retreating. It’s a very basic strategy, but it’s also the most effective because you won’t overcommit yourself and run the risk of being hit by one of his devastating strikes.

Just be patient, and use throwables like thermite cans to help you whittle his health bar away.

Phase Two

After you deplete his health bar, you will begin phase two.

During phase two, Manus will transform into the Awakened God, gaining a whole host of new abilities for you to contend with. Notably, he will start to attack you with ranged strikes, energy waves, and disruption attacks. These are all as scary as they sound, and you’ll need to be prepared for a real fight here.

Again, the best strategy for phase two is to stick and move like you did in phase one. Slowly chip away at Manus’ health bar, while keeping your own intact. Try to move in after he commits to a ranged attack, and eventually, you will take down The Awakened God. 

It’s probably going to take you a few attempts to understand Manus’ attack patterns and weaknesses. But, Lies of P is meant to be difficult, so embrace the challenge!


After you defeat Simon Manus, you will unlock the Awakened God achievement, and earn 15 points/a bronze trophy.

Furthermore, Manus will drop the following loot:

  • The Fallen One’s Ergo.
  • The Arm of God Key.
  • 18,153 Ergo.

Tips on Completing The Awakened God

Because Manus is such a difficult boss to defeat, you need to use every advantage available to you during the fight. With that being said, here are a few tips that should help you defeat Manus, and complete The Awakened God:

  • Use your Pulse Cell. A Pulse cell can restore your health during a battle. It’s an invaluable asset during this boss fight, so use a charge whenever you’re running low on health. Make sure to keep a couple of charges left over for phase two as well.
  • Summon a Specter. Despite being a little underpowered later on in the game, summoning a specter will definitely make your fight with Simon Manus a little easier. To keep it alive for the duration of the fight, stock up on some friendship wishstones. 
  • Make use of Fable Arts. Using your Fable Arts skills is also a game-changer. As soon as your skill is charged, make full use of it. Against Manus, Flamestrike, Link Chop, and Wind of Swords are all excellent choices.
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