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Fantasy and childhood nostalgia collide in the 2023 release of Lies Of P. Which, as many have described, is a tale where our wooden puppet Pinocchio (created by author Carlo Collodi) meets Bloodborne or Demon Souls, for that matter. All of which have something in common, they are classed as souls-like titles.


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Lies Of P is a soul-like RPG title that was published and developed by the team over at Neowiz Games with help from the Round8 Studios. It was first announced in May 19th, 2021 and received its first trailer during Gamescom 2022.

The game is based on the 1883 classic, The Adventures of Pinocchio. Which was created by the Italian author, Carlo Collodi. The tale featured young Pinocchio as a wooden puppet created by the woodcarver, Geppetto.

In Lies Of P Pinocchio is still very much a puppet. Who now ends up in the city of Krat. Which features new dangers and threats. Though it was not always a dangerous city to live in. In fact there was a time when both humans and puppets co-existed as companions and friends. However, due to the Petrification Disease things took a dark and sinister turn.

Lies Of P was originally released on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, XBox One, and XBox Series X/S on September 19th, 2023. With the deluxe edition version having an early access release on September 15th.

Darkness within Lies Of P Wiki


The Petrification Disease is an illness that infects the city of Krat. The main location within Lies Of P. The city, in which the game is based upon. Until this disease overtook Krat everyone lives peacefully. Both humans and puppets co-existed as equals.

However, now that this Petrification Disease has been released the city is now more of a mere shell of what it once was. With death and decay littering the streets that were once safe to access. That were once used by many of its local inhabitants.

This disease, in itself is said to mess with ones brain, blinding them, before then fully petrifying and killing its host.


The 2023 title Lies Of P manages to combine and mix and a combination of both RPG elements, alongside soul-like mechanics. With players needing to level up their character, in this case, Pinocchio, to further enhance their vitality gauge, stamina and strength.

Players could do this by first collecting ergo from the fallen enemy targets in which they have successfully managed to slay. Ergo is the currency within Lies Of P. This currency can then be used and spent over at the Krat Hotel.

There isn’t many cinematics or an enriched storyline within Lies Of P. Unlike, for example, a JRPG, or a typical western style RPG. It very much feels and plays like a Bloodborne and Demon Souls title. Which also lacked many in-depth cinematics and story. In fact in order to be able to fully understand the story in Lies Of P, once must collect the different notes and newspapers hidden around the city. These contain background information and lore.


When a game is regarded as a souls-like title it means that both players and fans should expect a somewhat difficult experience and gameplay. With challenges bosses, that often took multiple attempts to defeat. Upon death players also tend to loose their collected Ergo and must return to the place that they had fallen before dying once again. If they were to fall before reaching this location then all of their Ergo would be lost, permanently.

The souls-like titles were typically originated from the Demon and Dark Souls titles that were created by the team over at FromSoftware. Though much of the talk is usually about both Dark Souls and, later, Bloodborne, it was actually Demon Souls that was the very first release into the Souls series and franchise. Which was originally released back in 2009. On the Playstation 3. Then later released on the Playstation 5 in 2020.

Unlike, with Lies Of P, in the Souls-tiles the currency was known and referred to as souls, rather than Ergo. It’s all in the name really.


Though some aspects of the 1883 title, The Adventures of Pinnochio, were deemed as being dark. It was still a children’s story. It was a tale of a young wooden puppet who foud himself dreaming of becoming a real boy. A human.

In Lies Of P, however, it takes a childhood story and throws it into a darkened atmosphere. Nothing is really light hearted and the dangers are all too real. Though, with that being said, this is not the first time in which a children’s story has been given a darker story within the video game media.

Take Alice: Madness Returns for example. Which was released in 2011 for PC, Playstation 3 and XBox 360. The game was developed by Spicy Horse and published by EA. Here the story featured heavily on family trauma and death.

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