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Within the first few moments of picking up Lies of P, you’ll need to figure out how to defeat the Parade Master. However, doing so is much easier said than done, because your character is pretty weak at the start of the game. You also won’t have every combat tools available just yet.

Keep reading if you’re struggling to figure out how to defeat the Parade Master in Lies of P. The first actual boss within the game itself.


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Cerasani Alley – Chapter One

Before we can answer the question of how to defeat the Parade Master, we’ve first got to actually find him!

The Parade Master can be found near an area called Cerasani Alley, which is the second Stargazer in the Krat Station. You can explore this area as early as Chapter One

To find the Parade Master, head past Cerasani Alley and take the path that leads to Hotel Krat. On your way, you should see a plaza. Head over to this- the Parade Master will be waiting. Simply search for the circus billboards. We can also find the merchant supplier here too, for the first time.

How to Defeat the Parade Master

Once you encounter the Parade Master, you will initiate the boss fight. He will immediately start coming after you, so be ready for a fight as soon as you enter the plaza.

Then, simply follow this guide to learn how to defeat the Parade Master. 

Firstly, you need to be aware of his attack sequence. During his first form, he has three moves- a belly flop, a charge, and a hand sweep. To avoid these attacks, you want to dodge instead of block. Dodging is far more effective against the Parade Master because, unless you manage to perfect your blocks, you will likely take quite a bit of damage. You can block bosses that are highlighted in red, despite the game throwing you into a state of panic. However, again you need to perfect the timing of your blocks. Otherwise, just try to dodge its attacks instead.

Once you’ve blocked an attack, quickly move into range and hit him with light attacks. You should be able to hit him with two attacks safely before he starts another attack. Heavy attacks are too slow at this stage so it’s best to avoid them. 

Once you drain his health bar to half, the method of how you defeat the Parade Master changes very slightly. This is because he’ll start using his hat as a club. The second phase of the battle commences. For this phase you still want to use dodges followed by light attacks. But, whenever he does a vertical attack, you’ll want to stay back for a couple of extra seconds, because during this phase he will follow this attack up with another slam. 

Aside from this, keep dodging and peppering with small hits, and you should put this guy away in no time. 

Rewards for Defeating the Parade Master

Once you figure out how to Defeat the Parade Master, he will drop some loot. However, because the Parade Master is the game’s first boss, you won’t get the best rewards for defeating him. Which is very much understandable.

He will drop the following:

  • 5,000 Ergo. Firstly, you’ll receive 5,000 ergo for defeating the Parade Master. This will translate into around 3-4 level-ups. Alternatively you can also spend it on other such necessary equipment from the merchant or back at Hotel Krat.
  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword/Dancing One’s Amulet, By defeating the Parade Master we will receive the Parade Leader’s Ergo. Which can be exchanged for either the Seven-Coil Spring Sword or the Dancing One’s Amulet. Simply speak to Alidoro.
  • Quartz, A Quartz is used for the P-Organ. It is an upgrade material

Tips on How to Defeat the Parade Master

Here are three tips on how to defeat the Parade Master that should make your life a little easier:

  • Use the Rapier. The rapier is probably the best weapon to use when taking on the Parade Master, thanks to its great blend of speed and range. You can choose this as your starting weapon, or pick it up from the merchant later in the game.
  • Be Aware of His Two-handed Attack. One of the Parade Master’s attacks is a one-handed sweep. However, you should be aware that on occasion, the Parade Master will double down on this attack and switch it to a two-handed sweep. When this happens, you need to get out of the way quickly, or you’ll die before you even know what’s happened. 
  • Use Electric Blitz Abrasives. The Parade Master has a weakness to electricity. So, if you’re really struggling to defeat him, pick up a few throwables like Electric Blitz Abrasives or even Throwing Cells to use in combat. These will make it much easier to defeat the Parade Master. 
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