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After you take on the Parade Master, you’re going to need to figure out how to defeat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P. The Mad Donkey is the second boss that you will face in the game. But, this boss fight requires completely different tactics due to the Mad Donkey’s unique attack patterns and weaknesses. 


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Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard – Chapter 2

House on Elysion Boulevard features one of the Stargazers in Chapter 2 of Lies of P. However, before you even start thinking about How to Defeat the Mad Donkey, you will need to have progressed to Chapter 2, after defeating the Parade Master

To find the Mad Donkey, fast travel to the “Inside the house on Elysion Boulevard” Stargazer. Here you should be back with the merchant once again. Next to this merchant is an elevator. This will actually become a shortcut. However, to activate it you will first need to explore the remainder of the chapter and it will lead you to it. Ride the elevator and interact with the Stargazer if needed and proceed to the nearby bridge.

The Mad Donkey is actually the first Stalker that you’ll ever see in Lies of P. A Stalker is one of the game’s three enemy types. Stalkers are weak to acid, but at this stage in the game, you won’t yet have access to this resource. So defeating the Mad Donkey will all come down to getting over his awkward style. 

How to Defeat the Mad Donkey

The following guide will teach you how to defeat the Mad Donkey easily.

Mr. Mad Donkey wields a huge bone-cutting sawblade. This thing is very scary looking, and if you get hit, will do a ton of damage. However, it’s also a very slow weapon, and you can tell when the Mad Donkey is going to swing. The blade can also get caught in the environment at times.

We want to take advantage of the Mad Donkey’s slow attacks, coupled with his weakness as a Stalker-backstabbing. So, lock onto your enemy, cycle his attacks and as he’s loading up, pepper him with backstabs. Make sure to wait until you see a red slash on his back before attacking, or your attacks won’t do as much damage. 

One thing you do want to be careful of is the Mad Donkey’s Furious Attack. This is easily his most powerful move and consists of a horizontal slash, followed by a vertical slash, followed by a charge, and an overhead swing. When he initiates this attack, don’t try to block them. Get out of harm’s way, reset, and go back when it’s safer. 

Keep this up, blocking any horizontal attacks with your guard, and you should deal with the Mad Donkey fairly quickly thanks to the damage of those backstabs. Thankfully, he doesn’t have a second form either. So, there are no other strategies on how to defeat the mad donkey that you need to worry about. 

Rewards for Defeating the Mad Donkey

You will receive the following rewards for defeating the Mad Donkey:

  • Enigma Assembly Tool
  • Krat City Hall Key
  • Mad Donkey Mask
  • Mad Donkey Hunting Apparel

Of course, you will need to know how to defeat the Mad Donkey to progress to the next area on the map. But beyond this, the rewards are definitely worth the effort. The Enigma Assembly tool, for instance, will allow you to construct your own weapons, which will completely change the way you play. 

Tips on How to Defeat the Mad Donkey 

Here are a few tips on how to defeat the Mad Donkey. They should make your life that little bit easier:

  • Run when you see red. Before he does a Furious Attack, the Mad Donkey will glow red. This is a essentially a warning sign, and it’s a good idea to just sprint away as soon as you see this. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting wiped out in a single hit. It can be blocked but it does require precise timing.
  • Use the Rapier. When taking on the Mad Donkey, the best weapon is arguably the rapier, simply because the backstapping animation is a little shorter than the other starting weapons. If you didn’t choose the rapier as part of your starting gear, you can pick one up from the merchant.
  • Keep Circling. Never stand still against the Mad Donkey as you’ll run the risk of getting caught by a vertical attack. Instead, you should constantly be circling the Donkey, to avoid attacks and get in backstabbing range. 
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