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If you’re struggling to figure out how to defeat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P, you’re not alone. This boss is a massive step up from the Parade Master and Mad Donkey and you will need a bulletproof strategy to even be in with a chance. 


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Krat City Hall – Chapter 2

The Scrapped Watchman is the final boss at the end of Chapter Two of Lies of P. Before you even worry about how to defeat the Scrapped Watchman, make sure that you have fully progressed through Krat City Hall. You can always return back to the city and find the various different collectibles later.

It’s also recommended that you use your time in Krat City Hall to grind your character and improve their overall abilities. Even upgrade weapons and make full preparations. The Scrapped Watchman is one of the hardest bosses to defeat in Lies of P, and if your character is not ready then things will get tough. The Scrapped Watchman is fast and has two phases.

How to Defeat the Scrapped Watchman

Here’s how to defeat the Scrapped Watchman successfully.

The Watchman has two phases, just like the Parade Master. The first thing you need to do is deplete the Watchman’s energy to 50%. To do this, you need to target the glowing electrical pack on his back. The best way to target his electrical pack is to get into close range. This will prompt the Watchman to initiate a sweeping attack. Dodge the attack and then while he’s resetting, get 2-3 hits in before retreating. You could also try to guard his attacks to get in range, but at this stage, you probably haven’t mastered this technique enough to use it against a boss like the Watchman. If you feel confident enough to guard, then this is probably the more efficient technique during phase one. Otherwise, just play it safe and slowly chip away at that energy pack.

When he hits his second phase, the story of how to defeat the Scrapped Watchman changes. At this stage, he will begin hitting you with electric attacks. Because of this, you need to be even more careful during your approach. When you get in range, get one or two quick hits in, and then retreat because the Watchman will summon lightning on the floor, which will kill you if you’re in range. Rinse and repeat, and eventually, you will defeat the Watchman. 

Honestly, the Watchman isn’t going to be a boss that you will defeat the first time. It will take a couple of tries to understand his attack patterns and timing. But, as long as you use your failures to learn how to defeat the Scrapped Watchman, you will find success in no time!


After you figure out how to defeat the Scrapped Watchman, you will receive some pretty great loot, including:

  • The Core
  • Broken Hero’s Ergo
  • Overcharged Storage Battery
  • Small Wooden Officer Puppet
  • Quartz

The most exciting items here are definitely the Core and the Battery. The Core will enhance your P-Organs, making you a much more deadly fighter. The Storage Battery will give you the ability to craft the Fulminis Legion Arm, which will give you new abilities like shocking your enemies with electricity. 

Tips on How to Defeat the Scrapped Watchman

Here are three tips on how to defeat the Scrapped Watchman that will make this fight a little easier on your end:

  • Be Patient. There’s absolutely no need to rush through Krat City Hall and take on the Watchman immediately. Take your time in Chapter Two to level up, buy better gear, and stock up on consumables. You simply won’t be able to rush through the Scrapped Watchman like you did with the Parade Master and Mad Donkey. Instead, focus on preparing thoroughly, and the fight will be much easier. 
  • Summon a Specter. The Scrapped Watchman is the first boss that you can summon a Specter for. To do this, all you need to do is place a Star Fragment in the bowl before the boss room. This will make the Scrapped Watchman fight a lot easier, especially in the first phase. 
  • Use a Fast Weapon. Like the first two boss fights, speed is key when taking on the Scrapped Watchman. As such, it’s a good idea to use a weapon like the Rapier, which has a slightly shorter attack animation.
  • Electricity. The Watchman specializes in electrical damage. So in order to be extra prepared to defeat the Scrapped Watchman be sure to be prepared for that. We can do so by using consumables such as; Attribute Purification Ampoule and Attribute Resistance Ampoule


It is said that the Scrapped Watchman was once Murphy. The children’s favourite police officer in the area. He was once known to be kind and friendly.

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