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Collecting All Legion arms is a great idea in Lies of P, for two reasons. Firstly, doing so will equip your character with a very powerful, and diverse, array of secondary weapons. Secondly, by collecting every arm, you will unlock the ‘Legion Arm Collector’ achievement, which is worth 30 points. Keep reading to find out how to collect every legion arm available in Lies of P.


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Legion Arm Collector

A legion arm is a special tool that you can equip in your character’s left arm. It acts as a secondary weapon to your right hand’s blade-and-handle weapon. Each arm has a unique and powerful effect, from crowd control to ranged attacks. 

When you collect All Legion Arms in Lies of P, you will unlock the Legion Arm Collector achievement. This is worth 30 points. Currently, only a very small percentage of players have unlocked this achievement. So, if you can unlock Legion Arm Collector, you’ll be one of the top players in Lies of P

All Legion Arms in Lies of P

Here is a list of all legion arms in Lies of P coupled with their abilities and how you can unlock them. You will need to collect or craft each one to complete the achievement:

  • Left Arm of Steel. This is the default arm in Lies of P, and you will receive it for free as you progress through the story. It gives you the ability to throw powerful punches at close range.
  • Aegis. This arm gives you the ability to block enemy attacks with your left arm. It will also explode on impact, dealing damage to your enemies. You need to craft this arm with a Legion Plug. 
  • Dues Ex Machina. With this arm equipped, you will gain the ability to deploy a motion-sensing landmine. You must also craft this arm using a Legion Plug.
  • Falcon Eyes. This arm fires armor-piercing shells, making it perfect for a more agile/ranged player. To obtain this arm, you must craft it with a legion plug.
  • Flamberge. This arm is essentially a flamethrower, and out of all legion arms in Lies of P, is easily one of the most powerful. However, to unlock it, you will need to defeat Fuoco in the Vanigni Works area
  • Pupper String. The puppet string will release wire that you can use to reel enemies in. To unlock it, simply head to Hotel Krat and talk to Eugenie- she will gift you the Puppet String.
  • Fulminis. Fulminis allows you to harness the power of electricity and lightning. To unlock it, first defeat the Scrapped Watchman. Then, talk to Eugenie and she will craft it for you.
  • Pandemonium. Pandemonium fires acidic shots from a distance. You can craft it using a Legion Plug.

Where to Find Legion Plugs

To collect all legion arms, you will also need to find four legion plugs. A legion plug is a material, a little like a star fragment, but is used solely to craft a legion arm. 

You can find four Legion Plugs in the following areas:

  • St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. At the bottom of this chapel, you should find a lever. When you pull it, you will activate an elevator which will take you to the first legion plug. 
  • Krat Central Station Lobby. When you leave Krat Central Station, you will be confronted by a Decay Elite Enemy. After you kill it, it will drop a legion plug. 
  • Rosa Isabelle Street. Firstly, head to Rosa Isabelle Street, making sure to take the route that goes through the chimney sweeper building. Then, head up to the top floor of this building and you should see a safe. You will find the third legion plug in this safe.
  • Grand Exhibition Gallery. Once in the building, head to the puppet gallery with the Trinity key payphone riddle. You should see a chest on a ledge. Open it to find the last legion plug.

Once you have collected the plugs, all you need to do is craft all legion arms. To do this, head to the Venigini Craft Machine in Hotel Krat. Then select the arm that you want to craft and hit confirm!

Beyond helping you complete the achievement, legion arms are very powerful in combat and will help you defeat the game’s toughest bosses. You can change your arm at any time by visiting the nearest Stargazer. 

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