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Special Weapon Collector is one of the hardest achievements to unlock in Lies of P, not necessarily because of its difficulty, but more so because one simple mistake can lock this achievement out of your playthrough. Therefore, if you do want to 100% complete Lies of P, you’ll want to pay attention!


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The Special Weapon Collector in Lies Of P

Collect All Special Weapons

To complete Special Weapon Collector, you will, unsurprisingly, need to collect every special weapon in Lies of P. There are eleven to collect in total. You will be rewarded with 30 points after collecting every special weapon. 

To collect nearly every special weapon, you will need to have obtained all the rare ergo dropped by the game’s main bosses. After you defeat a boss, you need to find Alidoro. You can find him at St. Frengelico Catherdral, in the library. After talking to him, he will go to Hotel Krat, where you can start trading with him. 

This means that if you want to complete Special Weapon Collector, you can’t just rare Ergo them to buy amulets at Alidoro/Hugo’s shop. If you have done this, unfortunately, you won’t be able to complete Special Weapon Collector in that playthrough.

Your dialgoue choices at the end of the game affect whether you can pick up the last two weapons. To obtain the last two weapons, you will need to opt for the Real Boy ending. 

How to Collect the Weapons to Complete Special Weapon Collector

To collect the weapons, all you need to do is initiate a trade with Alidoro and exchange your rare Ergo for a special weapon.

Here is a list of all the special weapons you need to unlock to complete Special Weapon Collector, coupled with its required Ergo:

  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword. Requires the Parade Leader’s Ergo, which you can pick up after defeating the Parade Master. 
  • Etiquette. Requires the Broken Hero’s Ergo. This is unlocked after defeating the Scrapped Watchman
  • Holy Sword of the Ark. Requires the King’s Flame Ergo. This is dropped by the King’s Flame, Fuoco Boss. 
  • Trident of the Covenent. Requires the Twisted Angel’s Ergo, which is dropped by Fallen Archbishop Andreus.
  • Puppet Ripper. To obtain the Puppet Ripper, you will need to collect the Burnt-White King’s Ergo. Pick this up after defeating the King of Puppets
  • Frozen Feast. To unlock the Frozen Feast, first defeat the Champion Victor boss. Then, trade the Reborn Champion’s Ergo with Alidoro. After collecting the Frozen Feast, you will be more than 50% complete with Special Weapon Collector.
  • Two Dragons Sword. This weapon requires the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo, which can be obtained by defeating the Puppet-Deverouring Monster of the Swamp. 
  • Uroboro’s Eye. Uroboro’s Eye requires the Sad Zelot’s Ergo. You can pick this up after defeating Laxasia The Complete.

Ending-Specific Special Weapons

  • Golden Lie. To obtain the Golden Eye at the end of the game, you need to lie whenever you can. This will unlock the Real Boy ending, which is the only ending that will allow you to complete Special Weapon Collector. After giving Geppetto the heart, go to Hotel Krat and head to Geppetto’s room. You should see the Golden Lie hanging from a portrait.
  • Proof of Humanity. To gain this weapon, refuse to give Gepetto the heart. Defeat the Nameless Puppet and exchange its Ergo for the Proof of Humanity weapon. 

Tips for Completing Special Weapon Collector

Here are a few tips that will make completing Special Weapon Collector a tad easier:

  • Don’t buy amulets! The most important piece of advice here is to never buy amulets! Exchanging a rare ergo for an amulet will mean that you can never unlock the corresponding special weapon. As a result, you will be unable to complete the Special Weapon Collector achievement. 
  • Forget about it. Until you defeat Simon Manus, there isn’t much point worrying about this achievement, as virtually every special weapon is tied to a boss fight. So, it’s best to just go about your business and progress through the game normally, making sure to pick up a special weapon after each boss fight. Then, at the end of the game, you’ll naturally complete this achievement without having put in any extra effort, so long as you choose the right ending. 
  • Use the Weapons. To complete the special Weapon collector achievement, you’ll be making a pretty big sacrifice as you won’t be able to benefit from any amulets. So, you may as well use each weapon to get you through the next boss fight, as all of these weapons are actually very powerful. 
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