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To complete the Normal Weapon Collector achievement in Lies of P, you need to locate a total of 30 weapons. This is a great achievement to complete while you’re searching for the various collectibles. And beyond rewarding you with 30 points, is worth completing for the awesome weapons you’ll find along the way. 


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Collect all Normal Weapons 

To complete Normal Weapon Collector, you are simply required to collect and find every normal-class weapon. Currently, there are 30 and they are dotted throughout the game. If you want to 100% complete Lies of P, working your way through this trophy achievement is a must. 

Where to Find the Weapons to Complete Normal Weapon Collector

With that being said, here are the locations of every normal weapon you need to find to complete Normal Weapon Collector, in chronological order. 

Where to Find Weapons 1-10 for Normal Weapon Collector 

  1. Puppet’s Saber Blade and Handle. Firstly, you can obtain this weapon by choosing the Path of the Cricket Combat Style. Alternatively, buy it from the merchant for 300 Ergo. 
  2. Greatsword of Fate Blade and Handle. Similarly, you can obtain this blade should you choose the Path of the Sweeper combat style, or buy it from the merchant for 300 Ergo. 
  3. Wintry’s Rapier Blade and Handle. Furthermore, arguably the best starter weapon, the Rapier can be obtained by choosing the Path of the Bastard Combat Style. Or, it can be purchased from the merchant for 300 Ergo.
  4. Electric Coil Stick Head and Handle. Purchased from the merchant at the House on Elysion Boulevard for 1,200 Ergo. 
  5. Krat Police Baton Head and Handle. This can be located by simply continuing on with the game, as normal. There will be a section where you will have to cross over a rooftop and through a destroyed wall. Continue on and climb the ladders down to find an elite police constable. Near here is also the Weeping Woman quest.
  6. Salamander Dagger Blade and Handle. Can be found by breaking into the safe next to the entrance of the Workshop Union Stargazer. 
  7. Booster Glaive Blade and Handle Location. Head to the location of the Puppet of the Future. Then, take out the puppet and loot the chest- the booster Glaive will be inside. This is one of the hardest weapons to obtain to complete Normal Weapon Collector. 
  8. Fire Axe Blade and Handle. Head to the Workshop Union Stargazer, on the side with the tunnel that shoots fireballs. Next, sprint down the tunnel to find the Fire Axe.
  9. Big Pipe Wrench Head and Handle. Head to the mine that leads to Moonlight Town. On your way, you should see a ladder that leads to the Big Pipe Wrench. 

Weapons 11-20

  • Blind Man’s Double Spear. Go to St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Stargazer. There will be a bit of platforming required for this one. Head to the rooftop by following the wooden beams above the pool of decay. After passing the large rolling balls. Proceed on until you reach a fire bowl. Use the second wheel to bring you up to a secret room with a chest. You’ll find the spear in this chest.
  • Acidic Crystal Spear Blade and Handle. Walk down the hill near the Pilgrim Stargazer. Shortly afterward, you’ll see two enemies. Kill them and then turn right. You will find a chest housing the Crystal Spear.
  • Bone-Cutting Saw Blade and Handle. First, head to the Malum District. You will be able to find the blade on one of the rooftops.
  • Bramble Curved Sword Blade and Handle Location. You can buy this weapon from the wandering merchant for 2,000 Ergo, making it one of the easiest weapons to collect for Normal Weapon Collector 
  • Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade and Handle Location. Firstly, head up the stairs where you defeated the White Lady. Then, kill the four guards and you will find the sword. 
  • Exploding Pickaxe Blade and Handle Location. Found in the room guarded by the skeleton ballerina in Estella Opera House.
  • Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger Blade and Handle Location. Give the Incredible Venigini Collection to Pulcienella- she will gift you this Dagger as a reward.
  • Clock Sword Blade and Handle Location. Look around the Charity market for a ladder and head up it. You’ll find the clock sword in a chest.
  • Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade and Handle Location. Furthermore, this weaon can be purchased from the wandering merchant in Lorenzini Arcade.
  • Spear of Honor Blade and Handle Location. Likewise, open the gate next to this merchant and head through the fog to find the Spear of Honor.

Weapons 21-30

  • Live Puppet’s Axe Blade and Handle. Firstly, head to the Barren Swamp. Then go up the tower and you should find a chest with the axe inside. 
  • Pistol Rock Drill Blade and Handle. Give the Fanycy Venigini Collection to Pulcinela and she will gift you the Pistol Rock Blade. 
  • City Longspear Blade and Handle. To find this weapon for Normal Weapon Collector, head to the Barren Swamp Ravine. You should see a house at the end of the ravine. The longspear will be in a chest inside. 
  • Master Chef’s Knife Blade and Handle. Then, this weapon can be found in a chest in the ticket lounge at Krat Central Station.
  • Coil Mjolnir Blade and Handle. Thankfully, you can also pick up the Coil Mjolnir Blade at Krat Central Station. Just take the main door outside and explore the path on the left. You should find a chest with the blade inside.
  • Military Shovel Blade and Handle. The Military Shovel is the most expensive weapon you can buy when completing Normal Weapon Collector. You can purchase it from the Wandering Merchant near the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer for 3,500 Ergo.
  • Black Steel Blade and Handle. Found in the Hermit’s Cave behind the guard.
  • Cursed Knight’s Halberd Blade and Handle. Located on the broken bridge near the Relic of Trismegistus.
  • Acidic Great Curved Sword Blade and Handle. Found behind the guard at the Arche Abbey Outer Wall.
  • Carcass Crystal Axe Blade and Handle. Finally, you can purchase this weapon from Test Subject 826 toward the end of the game.
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