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Learning About Emotions is a trophy achievement in Lies of P that requires you to collect every gesture in the game. You will earn 30 points in return. Alternatively, a silver trophy. Learning About Emotions is an essential achievement to unlock for 100% game completion. 


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Learning about emotions Lies of P

Learn all Gestures

Gestures are essentially little emotes in Lies of P, that give your character a little bit of personality. You can gesture by opening up your main menu and then going to the gesture tab. From here, you will be able to see all of your available gestures. To learn a new gesture, you have to unlock it by finding that gesture somewhere throughout the map. There are 17 gestures to unlock in total.

Once you have learned every gesture, you will unlock the ‘Learning About Emotions’ trophy achievement, which is worth 30 points or a silver trophy. Depending on your chosen platform.

learning about emotions lies of p

Where to Find the Gestures for Learning About Emotions

To complete Learning About Emotions, you will have to explore literally every corner of the map. With that being said, here is a list of all the gestures you’ll need to find, grouped by location. 

Pre-Learned Gestures for Learning About Emotions

Luckily, you’ll have a headstart when trying to complete Learning About Emotions. This is because two gestures are given to you at the start of the game. These are sit and Check Ground. This means that you only have 15 to actively find. 

Hotel Krat Locations

The following gestures needed to complete learning about emotions can be found at Hotel Krat:

  • Show off Clothes. To obtain this gesture, simply speak with Antonia when you arrive at Hotel Krat.
  • Swagger. Similarly, you can unlock Swagger by talking to Venigni after you defeat the King’s Flame, Fuoco and complete his personal errand
  • Clap. Return the Portrait after defeating the Eldest. You will then be gifted the Clap Gesture.
  • Anger. Next, after you defeat the Parade Master, simply go and talk to Antonia. You will unlock Anger shortly afterward.

Other Gesture Locations for Learning About Emotions

The next gestures for Learning About Emotions can be found all over the place. They include:

  • Stalker’s Promise. To unlock Stalker’s Promise, you need to defeat the hidden survivor after meeting the Red Fox and the Black Cat for the first time. You can find this survivor by walking up the stairs and dropping down the hole in the floor.
  • Fear. You are gifted the Fear gesture after talking to Venigni at the Venigni Works Control Room.
  • Pray. To unlock Pray, make your way to the St. Frangelico Cathedral library. From here, find the Holy Mark on the nearby table and give it to Cecile. After this, defeat Archbishop Andreus head back to Cecile. She will hand you a confession, which you can use to unlock Pray, among other collectibles.
  • Taunt. After you defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit brotherhood boss, you will unlock Taunt. This is definitely one of the hardest gestures to unlock for Learning About Emotions because the Eldest is so tough to defeat.
  • Respect. After defeating Champion Victor, you will be able to pick up a Sainess of Mercy Hall Key. Use this to open the door by the greenhouse at the Grand Exhibition Gallery. This will take you to a statue. If you interact with the statue, you will unlock the respect gesture. 
  • Happy. You can unlock Happy by talking to Test Subject 286.
  • Entreat. Similarly, to unlock Entreat, talk to Sophia after defeating Laxasia the Complete.
  • Beg. You can unlock Beg by talking to the Red Fox and Black Cat at the Grand Exhibition Conference Room
  • Remembrance. Next, to unlock Remembrance, you need to collect the Frozen Man’s Letter. To obtain this, kill the two puppets throwing electric bombs near the Elysion Boulevard entrance. 

Missable Gestures

Two of the gestures needed to complete Learning About Emotions are missable, so pay extra attention when working toward them. These gestures are:

  • Sad. Firstly, to obtain this gesture, complete Julain the Gentleman’s Side Quest. However, you will only be gifted the gesture if you lie to Julian at the end of the quest.
  • Greet. Finally, you can obtain Greet by talking to Antonia after defeating The Puppet-Devouring Green Monster. However, you will only receive the gesture if you administer the medicine to Antonia earlier in the game. 
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