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As the first boss that you’ll face who has a second phase, figuring out how to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P isn’t exactly straightforward. His attacks are deadly, and the first phase can drain you of virtually all of your resources, leaving you helpless for the second stage. However, Andreus does have a few major weaknesses that you can exploit to defeat him first time.


Moonlight Town Collectibles
Archbishop Andreus Boss Fight

Chapter 4 – Cathedral Library

You’ll first encounter Fallen Archbishop Andreus in the St. Frenaglico Cathedral Library. However, before you can even get to him, you’ll need to work your way through a bunch of enemies that will try to inflict the Decay Status on your character.

So, to avoid losing the battle before it’s even started, ensure you bring some Attribute Purification Ampoule consumables with you. This will allow you to negate any decay status that gets inflicted on you.

After you make your way through these enemies, you’re ready to learn how to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

How to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P

How to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Andreus is the first boss that you encounter who has two stages. This means that the strategy on how to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus changes as the fight progresses, and you need to be ready to adapt.

How to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus Stage One

During the first stage, Andreus will try to kill you with four main attacks. These are:

  • Tounge Lash.
  • Sitdown Squat.
  • Double Smash.
  • Triple Swipe.

All of these moves are very damaging. However, they’re also very slow, and you can time them pretty easily. It’s a good idea to dodge every move except the tongue lash, and then follow up with a few quick hits. However, when Andreus initiates a tongue lash, you need to block it. Otherwise, you will likely get inflicted with the Decay Status. 

Keep repeating this process until you deplete Andreus’s health bar to zero. 

How to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus Stage 2

Once you deplete his health bar, a cutscene will play, and a new enemy will spawn. Andreus will then gain a bunch of new abilities, making the question of how to defeat Fallen Archibishop Andreus so much more complicated.

During this stage, a figure will come out of Andreus’ body, meaning you have two enemies to target- Andreus’ head and the figure. It’s a good idea to target Andreus’ head as much as you can because as long as you’re not facing it, the figure won’t attack you. Keep chipping down the head, and then make your way to the figure.

Keep dodging and attacking until you get the boss to around half-health. At this point, Andreus will fire everything he has at you, so take cover and wait for the attack to subside. Then, repeat your attack process, and within a few hits, you will defeat Archbishop Andreus. 


When you successfully figure out how to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus, you will be rewarded with the Twisted Angel’s Ergo. You can then exchange this with Alidoro for one of these items:

  • The Trident of the Covenant.
  • The Nameless One’s Amulet.

Both of these items are very useful. However, if you’re achievement-hunting, go for the Trident, as it will help you to complete Special Weapon Collector.

Tips on How to Deeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Although the strategy on how to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus is fairly straightforward, there are a few tips that you can employ to make the fight even easier. For instance:

  • Use fire. One of Andreus’ biggest weaknesses is fire. To take advantage of this, consider using a fire-based weapon like the Salamander Blade. Alternatively, take cans of Thermite with you. Both of these options will do massive damage to Andreus. 
  • Summon a Specter. To make this boss fight a little easier, you can always summon a specter. At this point in the game, base-level specters are still very powerful and will take some of the heat away from you, allowing you to heal up and reset. 
  • Sharpen Your Weapon. When Andreus transitions to phase two, it’s a good idea to use a Grindstone to sharpen your weapon. The endless quick hits, coupled with the Decay effect will completely shred your weapon, so it’s important to take any opportunity you can to sharpen it back up.
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