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Corrupted Parade Master is a secret achievement in Lies of P that you can unlock by defeating the Corrupted Parade Master boss. It’s worth 15 points/a bronze trophy and is actually one of the easier achievements to unlock in Lies of P.

Corrupted Parade Master Lies of P

Kill the Corrupted Parade Master

In order to unlock this achievement, you must find and kill the Corrupted Parade Master. This might sound daunting, but the Corrupted Parade Master is actually one of the easiest bosses to defeat in the game, especially when you consider how late you face him.

Where to Find the Corrupted Parade Master

You can find the Corrupted Parade Master at the end of Chapter 9. It’s the non-optional boss that you must face in order to move on to chapter 10. 

There are 15 different collectibles that you can unlock in Chapter 9, so make sure you pick up as many as you can before taking on the Parade Master. 

Corrupted Parade Master Lies of P

How to Defeat the Corrupted Parade Master

The Corrupted Parade Master uses a very similar move set to the normal Parade Master that you face earlier on in Lies of P. As such, the strategy is pretty much the same.

Corrupted Parade Master Moves

The most dangerous moves that you need to look out for are:

  • The Body Slam. This move looks exactly how you would imagine- the Corrupted Parade Master literally tries to squish you to death with his belly! When it’s about to perform this move, the boss will take a few staggered steps, before jumping.
  • The Haymaker. This move involves the Parade Master committing to a massive swing with its tentacle-infested hand. It’s a dangerous move because the boss can choose to follow this up with a Fury attack that’s easy to forget about. The Parade Master will twist its torso before initiating this attack.
  • Weapon Swing. This boss also makes use of a huge weapon that he will swing horizontally. Just like with the Haymaker, it may also be followed up with a combination.
  • Grab. During this attack, the Parade Master will literally pick you up and slam you to the floor. 


The strategy for defeating the Corrupted Parade Master is simple. Like a master boxer, you need to hit and not get hit. You can do this by dodging and landing charged strikes as the Parade Master resets between attacks.

The Parade Master’s biggest strength is his grab attack, and you’ll want to nullify this at all costs. The best way to do this is to stay out of range, wait for him to initiate a different attack, and then dodge and counter. If you stay in range for too long, this attack can come out of nowhere.

Blocking/guarding isn’t a great idea for this boss fight. The Parade Master can easily catch you off guard with its follow-up combinations, so the risk-reward ratio just isn’t good enough. Plus, if it hits you, the Parade Master will inflict your character with the Decay Status Effect, which can ruin your day very quickly!

Something else that’s worth noting is that this version of the Parade Master isn’t weak to electric damage. Rather, its main weakness is fire damage.

So, stick to hitting and moving, and you’ll take out the Parade Master in no time. 


When you defeat this boss, you will unlock the Corrupted Parade Master achievement, and earn 15 points/a bronze trophy. Aside from this, you will also be rewarded with:

  • One Full Moonstone.
  • One Quartz.
  • 15,619 Ergo.


Whilst the Corrupted Parade Master is a pretty easy boss to defeat, there are always ways to make the fight easier. For instance:

  • Bring the Right Gear. With the right gear by your side, the Parade Master won’t stand a chance. Consider a greatsword, the Flamberge Legion Arm, and some cans of thermite. This will allow you to really hone in on the Parade Master’s weakness.
  • Prioritise Damage Over Speed. It’s important to take out this boss as quickly as you can, or the Decay Status Effect could start to take over. As such, it’s a good idea to prioritize DPS over speed by making use of charged attacks. 
  • Kill the Smaller Enemies First. Throughout the fight, the Parade Master will spawn smaller enemies. It’s important to deal with this threat as soon as it arrives, or you’ll be quickly overwhelmed.
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