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If you’re struggling to work out how to defeat the King of Puppets in Lies of P, then you’re not alone. Although he’s not the deadliest boss in the game, his sheer size makes the King of Puppets a very intimidating opponent for any player to deal with. The fact that you also have to deal with Romeo during this boss fight only adds to the difficulty. 


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How to Defeat the King of Puppets Lies of P

Kill Romeo, King of Puppets

This boss fight actually contains two phases. In the first phase, you will face ‘The King of Puppets’. However, during phase two, a humanoid puppet named Romeo will spawn. 

This makes the strategy for how to defeat the King of Puppets much harder because you will have to comprehend two entirely different bosses in one fight. Though luckily, you won’t have to face both of these bosses simultaneously. 

Where to Find the King of Puppets

You will find the King of Puppets at the end of Chapter 6, in Estella Opera House. Therefore, it’s a good idea to work your way through any side missions and find any outstanding collectibles before you worry about how to defeat the King of Puppets. However, you can always come back to the Opera House if you need to. 

How to Defeat the King of Puppets Lies of P

How to Defeat the King of Puppets

After completing the main story missions in Chapter 6, you’re ready to take on the King of Puppets. 

Phase One: How to Defeat the King of Puppets

The first stage of the King of Puppets boss fight is actually pretty easy. He’s a very basic boss, who uses slow, telegraphed moves to try and kill you. You can easily dodge them, and then pepper the King with a flurry of quick attacks before stepping back and resetting. 

The only thing to remember in phase one is that Perfect Guarding won’t be effective. It’s overly risky and even if you do Perfect Guard, the King of Puppets will just push you away, giving you no opportunity to attack. 

Once you learn his timings and stick to this strategy on how to defeat the King of Puppets, you’ll find phase one of this fight surprisingly easy. 

Phase Two: How to Defeat Romeo

After you defeat the King of Puppets, the huge machine will break down. And guess who pops out? Romeo, of course!

Romeo is a completely different customer and is considerably harder to defeat than the King of Puppets. 

Romeo’s best attributes are his combination attacks and scythe throw. He varies the timings on his combos, making them impossible to predict, and his scythe throw can come out of nowhere to deal devastating damage. 

To avoid these attacks, your best bet is to run. Don’t try to time or block Romeo’s attacks, because it’s just not going to work. Instead, run away and wait for Romeo to reset between attacks, and then proceed with your own attacks. 

Rinse and repeat, and eventually, Romeo will fall. 


After you successfully learn how to defeat Romeo, the King of Puppets, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • Someone’s Necklace.
  • Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress.
  • Burnt-White King’s Ergo.

You can actually trade this Ergo for the exact same scythe that Romeo uses in the fight, and it’s easily one of the best weapons in the game. Choosing the scythe will also help you to complete Special Weapon Collector. 

Tips on How to Defeat the King of Puppets

The fight with the King of Puppets is probably the hardest boss fight in the first half of Lies of P. So, to make this fight a little easier, here are a couple of tips on how to defeat the King of Puppets:

  • Summon a Specter. Summoning a Specter for this boss fight will make it so much easier, as you’ll massively increase your damage output. Just make sure to use a healing wishstone in between phases one and two so that it doesn’t die mid-fight.
  • Harness the Power of Electricity. The King of Puppets is weak to electricity. So, it’s a good idea to stock up on throwing cells before the fight. 
  • Be aware of counterattacks. During the second phase, Romeo’s eyes will occasionally light up red. When you see this, do not engage! He will instantly counter you and deal massive damage. 
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