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The Champion of Evolution is an achievement in Lies of P that you unlock after defeating Champion Victor. It’s worth 15 points or a bronze trophy and is required for 100% game completion. 

The Champion of Evolution Lies of P

Kill Champion Victor

The only requirement to complete The Champion of Evolution is that you Kill Champion Victor. You won’t encounter Victor until Chapter 7. So you should actually be able to unlock this achievement fairly early on in your playthrough.

After you kill Champion Victor, you will earn 15 points/a bronze trophy. 

Where to Find 

Champion Victor is the main boss in Chapter 7, and you can find him at the Grand Exhibition Conference Room. As such, it’s necessary to work your way through the Chapter 7 story before worrying about completing the Champion of Evolution.

When you’re ready, proceed to the Conference room and you will find Champion Victor. 

How to Defeat Champion Victor

To unlock The Champion of Evolution, you need to defeat Champion Victor. However, this is no easy task, because Victor has a frustratingly strong blend of power and speed. Most bosses who can deal as much damage as Victor are pretty slow and easy to predict. But Victor also possesses speed, so you will need to rely on timing to take him down. 

In the first phase of the fight, your best bet is to maintain your distance from Victor as much as you can. Then, when he finishes one of his combos, quickly move in and land a quick strike or two before retreating. As a human, Victor is weak to backstabs, so this is where you should be aiming. 

During this phase, Victor will even jump in the air to close distance. When he jumps, try to dodge the attack and then come back with your own counter. You can block these attacks, but it is a much riskier strategy.

Once you get Victor down to 50% health, you will trigger stage two of the fight. At this stage, Victor will become enraged and his attacks become more powerful. However, this doesn’t really change your strategy that much. You still just need to focus on dodging and countering. 

If you have a specter with you, landing backstabs will be so much easier as you can use the specter to distract Victor as you flank him.

After landing a few more hits, Victor will eventually go down. 

Rewards for Completing the Champion of Evolution

When you kill Victor, you will unlock The Champion of Evolution achievement, and earn 15 points/a bronze trophy. 

Furthermore, for defeating Champion Victor, you will receive the Reborn Champion’s Ergo. You can trade this to unlock the Frozen Feast weapon or consume it for 10,000 Ergo. 

If you’re trying to 100% complete Lies of P, it’s a good idea to trade the Ergo in for Frozen Feast, as this will help you to complete Special Weapon Collector. Consuming the ergo will completely lock this achievement out of your playthrough. 

Tips on Completing the Champion of Evolution.

The Champion of Evolution is a pretty straightforward achievement to unlock in theory. However, because Victor is so strong, it’s actually a lot easier said than done. So, here are a few tips that will make killing Victor, and unlocking The Champion of Evolution, a little more manageable:

  • Use a Long-Range Weapon. Keeping your distance from Victor is key. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make use of a long-range weapon that will allow you to retreat much faster. Any kind of spear or great sword will do the trick.
  • Summon a Specter. Summoning a specter makes virtually every later-game boss fight so much easier. So, if you’re struggling, just pop down a star fragment before you start the boss fight. With a specter by your side, it’ll be easier to flank Victor and land the heavy-hitting backstabs. To keep your specter alive for the duration of the fight, pick up a few friendship wishstones from Giangio
  • Watch Victor’s Posture. Victor’s posture is a great indicator of what he’s about to do next. If he’s crouched down, stay out of range. But, when he raises his shoulders, it means that Victor is resetting between combos and you can safely get a few hits in. 
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