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When you harvest gold coin fruit in Lies of P, you will unlock the ‘Bear Gold Coin Fruit’ achievement. This is actually one of Lies of P’s only secret achievements in the game, so not many players even know about it. However, harvesting this fruit isn’t exactly a simple process.


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Harvest Gold Coin Fruit Lies of P

Bear Gold Coin Fruit

To complete ‘Bear Gold Coin Fruit’, all you need to do is harvest one fruit. You first hear about gold coin fruit in Area IV, from an NPC called Giangio. However, you won’t actually be able to harvest any gold coin fruit until the end of Chapter V.

After you harvest some gold coin fruit, you will unlock the achievement, and earn 15 points or a bronze trophy, depending on the console you play on. 

What Is It?

Gold coin fruit is a form of currency in Lies of P. You can use it to buy different upgrades from various NPCs along your journey, making it an invaluable asset in Lies of P. You can also exchange gold coin fruit for various collectibles like records, which can help you unlock other achievements and work towards 100% game completion. 

So, when you harvest gold coin fruit, you’re basically just collecting free money. It looks like money does grow on trees after all!

Harvest Gold Coin Fruit Lies of P

How to Harvest Gold Coin Fruit

The process of how to harvest gold coin fruit is actually pretty long-winded, because, as with pretty much everything in Lies of P, your past actions affect future events.

The process for harvesting starts in Area IV. Firstly, you need to head to the path of pain. From here, you should be able to find a mysterious man named Giangio along the way. When you interact with him, he will send you on a quest, and give you two items- a mysterious cube and a wishstone. Don’t worry about these items for now, but they will be important later.

Go on to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus, and proceed to Area V. Once you reach the Malum District, you will need to take on the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. From here, head to the nearby elevator at the back of the room. This will take you up to a room where Giangio will be waiting. 

After a brief dialogue, Giangio will inform you that he’s found the gold coin fruit tree but needs you to harvest it for him. Take the path to the tree, interact with it, and within a few moments, you’ll have unlocked the ‘Bear Gold Coin Fruit’ achievement!

To complete the side quest, walk back to Giangio. He will then open up a new shop where you can purchase a few different useful items. 

Other Benefits

Beyond allowing you to complete this achievement, there are a few different reasons why you should harvest gold coin fruit in Lies of P.

Primarily, harvesting gold coin fruit will allow you to buy wishstones. These are small colored stones that you can place inside the cube Giangio gifted you. Combined, the cube and Wishstone will give your specter a variety of buffs, such as damage output increases and even direct healing.

Without these buffs, specters can feel pretty weak against the tougher bosses. But, with a good Wishstone, your specter will become a force to be reckoned with!

Secondly, grabbing some gold coin fruit will allow you to purchase different collectibles from NPCs like the Black Cat. 

Finally, gold coin fruit will allow you to respec your attributes once you reach Area VII. So if you want to switch up your playstyle, harvesting these fruits is a must.

How to Harvest Gold Coin Fruit Faster

Once the quest is complete, the tree will produce one gold coin fruit every ten minutes. This is pretty slow, and if you want to buy the best wishstones, means you’ll be waiting a long time. Luckily, there is a way to speed this up so you can harvest gold coin fruit more efficiently.

All you need to do is get your hands on an Alchemical Booster. This item will drastically cut the time it takes to grow a fruit. There are a few different types of Alchemical Booster, which vary in effectiveness. You can purchase these boosters from Polendina. 

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