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From Across the Rift requires players to kills all dimensional butterflies in Lies Of P. With these so-called dimensional butterflies you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you. Although they’re not bosses, these guys can be incredibly hard to kill, especially as you progress through the map. Though it does help that they are not aggressive. They also do not fight back. However, for completing From Across the Rift, you will earn 15 points or alternatively, a bronze trophy.

Video contains the locations to the necessary coloured butterflies. (Unlocks From Across the Rift)


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Kill All Types of Dimensional Butterflies

To unlock From Across The Rift, you must kill all types of dimensional butterflies. However, you don’t have to kill all 28 butterflies across the map. Rather, you just need to kill one of each color.

Currently, there are three types of dimensional butterflies in Lies of P. They are:

  • Red
  • Pink 
  • Orange 

Each color of butterfly gets progressively more difficult to kill. After you defeat one of each of these dimensional butterflies, you will unlock From Across the Rift and receive 15 points or a bronze trophy.

Where to Find Monad’s Lamp

In order to find these dimensional butterflies, you actually need to obtain Monad’s Lamp first. This is the only way your character will be able to see them, so picking it up is an essential step when completing From Across the Rift. 

Luckily, it’s really easy to find, and you can pick it up within your first 5 minutes of gameplay. When you first spawn in, you’ll be inside a train cart. Look around this area and you should find a table stacked with a bunch of different items, including Monad’s Lamp. Look at the lamp and interact with it to add it to your inventory. It is unmissable.

Lies of P from across the rift

Where to Find the Dimensional Butterflies to Complete From Across the Rift

Here are the locations of the three dimensional butterflies you need to kill to complete From Across the Rift:

  • Red Butterfly. Firstly, a Red Butterfly can be found at the Workshop Union entrance. Simply head towards the two big fans on the top floor, and as you follow the rails, a red dimensional butterfly will spawn. 
  • Pink Butterfly. To find a pink dimensional butterfly, teleport to the Path of the Pilgrim. Then, walk down the hill, all the way to the lake. A pink dimensional butterfly will spawn on the other side of the lake. Be warned that the pink dimensional butterfly is a huge step up from the red dimensional butterfly. 
  • Orange Butterfly. The Orange butterfly is again a huge step up in terms of difficulty, so when you encounter one, be prepared for a fight. You can find one in Area Seven. First, head to the Lorenzini Arcade, and walk down the main hall until you see a massive hole in the ground. Jump over this hole, defeat any enemies in sight, and then head to the room with the massive ring on the ceiling. When you reach the center of the room, your lamp will start to glow, and then an orange dimensional butterfly will spawn. Kill it, and you will complete From Across the Rift.

Beyond helping you to complete From Across the Rift, taking out dimensional butterflies is worth it for the rewards alone. Depending on their level, a dimensional butterfly will drop Cresecent Moonstones or Half Moonstones, which you can use to upgrade your gear.

Tips for Completing From Across the Rift

To complete across the rift, you don’t just have to find these butterflies. You also have to kill them. With that in mind, here are a few tips that will make killing these guys, and in turn completing From Across the Rift, a bit easier:

  • Grind your gear. These butterflies are quick to spawn and just as quick to disappear too. So make sure you use gear with the ability to kill fast! Such as a rapier sword.
  • Respawn. If you fail to kill a butterfly fast enough and it does disappear, then you will need to visit the stargazer and respawn it.
  • Monad’s Lamp. The Monad’s Lamp is the only useful way to detect the presence of a dimensional butterfly. As it tends to light up whenever one is nearby
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