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Pianist of Krat is a trophy achievement in Lies of P that you can only complete at the end of your playthrough. It requires you to play a perfect tune on the piano. Furthermore, your choices affect whether or not you can actually unlock the achievement, as certain endings will not allow you to play a perfect tune. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid missing this achievement, and ultimately work towards 100% game completion. 


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Play a Perfect Tune on The Piano at Hotel Krat

To complete the Pianist of Krat achievement, you need to play a perfect tune on the Piano at Hotel Krat. This may seem easy enough, but throughout the game, you’ll only ever have a portion of the perfect song, and simply playing the piano won’t award you with this achievement. 

The key to this achievement is playing the perfect tune, and the only way to do this is by choosing the Real Boy Ending. When you do this, Gepetto will give you the last note of the song, thereby allowing you to play the perfect tune. 

After you complete Pianist of Krat, you will earn 30 points or a silver trophy, depending on your chosen platform. It’s a necessary achievement to unlock if you want to 100% complete Lies of P.

Where to Find the Piano

The first step in completing Pianist of Krat is of course finding the piano. Luckily, this is really easy to locate. 

Simply teleport to Hotel Krat, and then walk down to the ground floor. You will find the piano in the same room as Antonia.

When you first interact with the Piano, you will be able to play a small portion of the perfect song, but the ending will be the wrong note. There is only one way to learn this ending, and in turn, complete the Pianist of Krat achievement. 

Lies of P Pianist of Krat

How to Play a Perfect Tune to Complete Pianist of Krat

To find this missing portion of the song, you will have to complete every story mission and finish the game. However, it’s extremely important that, after defeating Simon Manus,  you choose to give Gepetto the heart. This will initiate the Real Boy ending. One of the rewards for this is the last part of the perfect song. 

After you finish the final mission, don’t press New Game+. Instead, carry on in that save file and go back to Hotel Krat to reach the piano. 

Once you have made it to the piano, walk up to it. You will gain the option to interact with the piano, and once you do, your character will begin playing. However, this time, they will get the last note correct, meaning that you’ve played the perfect song. 

Shortly after doing this, you will be rewarded with the Pinaist of Krat achievement, as well as 30 points or a silver trophy.

Tips for Completing Pianist of Krat

Completing the Pianist of Krat achievement may seem easy enough. But because the whole achievement relies on the ending you choose, it can actually feel like much harder work. With that being said, here are a few tips to help you complete Pianist of Krat:

  • Lie throughout the game. If you tell the truth 100% of the time, you will unlock the ‘Free From the Puppet String’ ending. When you initiate this ending, you will encounter Sophia instead of Gepetto. This completely locks the option of giving him your heart, meaning you won’t be able to unlock the final note to complete Pianist of Krat. Therefore, if you truly have your heart set on this achievement, you need to lie throughout the story missions.
  • Don’t Start a New Game. After completing the final mission, the most natural thing to do is click New Game+, because there isn’t much else to do after the ending. However, doing so will again lock you out the Pianist of Krat achievement. As such, it’s imperative that you choose to continue the game, play the Piano, and only then restart your journey. It sounds simple but this is very easy to forget!
  • Think Twice. The Real Boy ending is arguably the worst ending in Lies of P, so before choosing this ending, it’s a good idea to think twice about what you actually want to do, especially if this is your first playthrough. You can always play the game again, and it’s probably more important to see the ending that you want to see, rather than unlock an achievement that’s only worth 30 points or a silver trophy
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