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Golden Melody is one of the most difficult achievements to unlock in Lies of P. It requires you to collect all of the records. However, in order to do this you have to fully complete the game twice over. This is something that not many players want to commit to, and is the reason why there are only a handful of players who have unlocked this achievement to date. Keep reading to find out how you can become part of this elite group of players. 


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Collect and Play All Records

To complete Golden Melody, you must collect and play every record in the game. There are 16 in total. This sounds simple enough, but as always, there’s a catch. To collect the last six, you must actually complete the game once, and then do another playthrough on that save file by clicking New Game+. Only then will the last 6 records spawn.

When you do collect and play every record, you will receive 30 points achievement or a silver trophy as a reward. This does feel pretty light considering the effort that you need to put in to unlock the achievement. Nevertheless, it’s necessary if you want to 100% complete Lies of P.

Lies of P Golden Melody

Where to Find the Records for Golden Melody

Here is a list of all the 16 records that you need to play to unlock Golden Melody, divided by which playthrough you will unlock them on.

First Playthrough Records for Golden Melody

  • Feel. Firstly, you can find Feel by going to the House on the Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. Then head to the roof and explore until you find a lit window with a woman inside. She will ask you to find her baby. Complete this side quest and you will be rewarded with ‘Feel’. You must agree with her that the baby is cute. Do not call it a mere puppet otherwise you will miss out on the Feel record.
  • Divine Service. In order to obtain Divine Service, you first need to collect the Holy Mark found in the St. Frangelico Library and return it to Cecile. Then, defeat Archbishop Andreus and return back to Cecile. She will give you a confession, and in turn, the record.
  • Someday. This record for Golden Melody can be purchased at the Red Lobster Inn for 3,800 Ergo.
  • Fascination. Firstly, make sure you own a Red Apple (this can be purchased from a merchant). Then, meet with Adelina the Actress at the Estella Opera House. Give her the apple and then continue to defeat the King of Puppets. Afterwards, return and you will find the record on the ground. 
  • Quixotic. After you defeat Champion Victor, you will meet up with the Red Fox and the Black Cat. They will give you the Quixotic record for a few Gold Coin Fruit.
  • Why. Talk to Belle before fighting Champion Victor. Then, keep progressing through the story. At some point, you will learn how to unlock a passageway behind Antonia’s Portrait. At this point, you should return to Belle and accept her side quest. At the end of this quest, you will unlock ‘Why’.
  • Mistry E’rA. Dropped by an Elitre Decay enemy in the Hermit’s Cave.
  • Far East Princess. You can unlock this record by talking to Eugenie after defeating Alidoro. 

Missable Records in Your First Playthrough

The following three records can be missed if you don’t select the right options, ruining your chances of completing Golden Melody. So, pay attention!

  • Memory of Beach. You can find this record in Geppetto’s study after defeating Laxasia The Complete. However, it will only spawn if you administer the cure for Antonia earlier in the game.
  • Shadow Flower. To obtain this record, you must be a liar rather than a truth-teller. Then, after you defeat Laxasia the Complete, head to Sophia’s bedroom. Afterward, choose the “Give her Peace” option. You will find the record somewhere in the room.
  • Feel. As mentioned before you need to agree with the Weeping Woman that her child is cute. Not that it is a mere puppet.

Second Playthrough Records for Golden Melody

The following records can only be collected for Golden Melody in your second playthrough:

  • Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 (Golden). Purchasable from the merchant for 6,000 Ergo. This needs to be purchased before you defeat the Parade Master.
  • Quixotic (Golden). Purchasable at the House on Elysion Boulevard for 10,000 Ergo.
  • Shadow Flower (Golden): Likewise, you can purchase this record from any wandering merchant for 10,000 Ergo.
  • Memory of Beach (Golden). This record is also purchasable for 10,000 Ergo.
  • Proposal, Flower, Wolf, Part 1. Unlocking this record is tricky. Firstly, you need to defeat Alidoro, and then ask Venigni to decrypt his Cryptic Vessel. Then, read the Decryption and finally talk to Eugenie, selecting the ‘older brother’ dialogue choice. She will then give you the record. 
  • Fascination (Golden). Finally, this record can be purchased from Test Subject 826 at the end of the game.
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