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Venigni Side Quest In Lies Of P

As you continue to explore the Venigni Works in Lies Of P we should stumble across a man wearing a top hat and red coat. This is Venigni and he is in search for his robot butler, Pulcinella


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Venigni is actually the only side quest within chapter 3 of Lies Of P. You can actually find Venigni in the Venigni Works Control Room right next to the fast travel point. He’ll be talking to himself. Speak to him and he’ll tell you about how his butler puppet friend called Pulcinella went to barricade the back gate but hasn’t come back. Venigni is worried and requests that you go look for them.

You will also gain the fear gesture just from talking to him once.

Talk to him again to hear about the boss for the area, Fuoco. Apparently, he was once a stand-up fellow in charge of the furnace. He is now building an army of puppets to march on the cathedral, so for the good of everyone and this side mission he needs to be stopped.

Here we speak with Venigni in Lies Of P

Defeat the Boss TO HELP VENIGNI

Follow the story through the factory until you come to an area with a large door with a red flashing light and an alarm sound. This is the boss room. You can use the item next to it to summon a Spector if you want the extra help. After that, open the door and fight King’s Flame Fuoco.

Fuoco is, as the name suggests a fire-based boss. In his first phase you can focus mostly on just damaging him. If you have the fire axe this is the best weapon to fight against with. If you are doing enough damage your Spector should last until about half health and at that point, he’ll move onto phase 2.

In phase 2 you will want to change your tactic to focus on dodging. Don’t get greedy, when he is open dart in for 3 or 4 hits then dart back. At this point, slow and steady will win the race.

In phase two, if the boss stays still for a bit, use the time to dart behind one of the arena’s red pipes as he is about to let loose a large area fire attack and you’ll need the cover.

Keeping this in mind you should be able to take him down. Once you have, you’ll gain the High-powered Flame Amplifier, King’s flame Ergo and the Flame Grindstone as rewards. After the fight we can then go back to helping Venigni

Broken Butler Pulcinella

After the fight, to the side of the arena you’ll find the broken butler puppet, Pulcinella. Once you have interacted with it you can fast travel back to the Venigni Control Room and talk to Venigni. He’ll be relieved to see you back but be saddened by the state of his butler.

He says he will rebuild him and thanks you for your service.

If Venigni is not in the Control Room

After successfully managing to find the butler Pulcinella and then speaking with Venigni and reporting back to him. Our top hatted friend will then leave the area for…

Hotel Krat

Once you return to Hotel Krat, whether you spoke to Venigni again or not you’ll find him set up to your right. Talk to him again and ask him about Pulcinella, you’ll unlock the Gesture Swagger. You’ll also be able to switch which grindstone grinder you are using by talking to Venigni.

He will have also fixed his butler in record time. You’ll find Pulcinella next to his area and the puppet will have a few things for sale. They are all useful metrics including 5 different Altering Materials, 2 grindstones and 3 defence parts. Each costs between 500-1,000 ergo. If you have over 5,700 ergo you can clear the shop.

And that is all for their side quest. There are no particular rewards in ergo for this one nor does it seem necessary to do to unlock Venigni and Pulcinella in the Hotel. However it is nice after the side quests of chapter 2 to see one where neither puppet or person is dying and that a kind of coexistence is possible.

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