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Figuring out how to defeat King’s Flame Fucoco in Lies of P is not an easy task. This is arguably the hardest boss in the game, and to even stand a chance, you’re going to need your full wits about you, not to mention some decent gear. Keep reading to learn the best strategy on how to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco. 


Venigni Side Quest
How To Defeat Puppet Of The Future

Venigni Works Control Room- Chapter 3

After you repair the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer in Chapter 3, you’ll have to make your way past the conveyor belt and toward the red lights. This is where the boss fight occurs. So, before heading through, make sure you’re fully prepared . 

Primarily, you should make sure to pick up the Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter within the Control Room. A robot should be in this room holding the converter. You need to destroy it to pick up the Converter. This item will increase your heat resistance, making the boss fight a little bit easier. 

After you’ve figured out how to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco, you can always return to Venigni Works Control Room to pick up any collectibles that you may have missed. 

How to defeat King's Flame Fuoco in Lies of P

How to Defeat King’s Flame Fuoco

Like many bosses, the strategy on how to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco changes throughout the fight, due to its different stages. 

How to Defeat King’s Flame Fuoco Stage One 

During Stage One, you need to stay as mobile as possible. If you stand still for too long, you’ll get blasted with his furious attacks. You can choose to dodge or block his attacks, but it’s advised that you dodge whenever you can.

After dodging his attack, hit Fuoco with a counterattack. Because he has such a high health pool, heavy attacks are the better option. However, you will only be able to land one or two shots at a time, so be prepared to retreat as soon as you attack. 

Keep repeating this process until you get Fuoco down to 50% health. A good way to speed this up is by using electric weapons like the Electric Coil Stick.

Stage Two 

When Fuoco reaches 50% health, the strategy on how to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco changes. At this stage, Fuoco will spawn fire on the floor which you need to avoid at all costs. 

After spewing this fire, Fuoco will start peppering you with ranged attacks. When he does, you should block them and slowly make your way into range. Then, wait for Fuoco to launch a melee attack, dodge it, and land a heavy strike.

After a few more heavy hits, Fuoco will finally die. 

You’re probably not going to defeat Fuoco on your first try. It will take a little while to learn the timings and attack patterns. But, once you figure out these patterns, understanding how to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco will be much easier. 


Successfully figuring out the way to defeat King’s Flame Foco is incredibly difficult. However, the rewards are worth it. When you defeat it, Fuoco will drop the following:

  • One Flame Grindstone
  • One High-Powered Flame Amplifier
  • King’s Flame Ergo
  • 5476 regular Ergo

Tips on How to Defeat King’s Flame Fuoco

This boss fight is going to be hard, frustrating, and downright grueling. But, there are a few ways to make it a bit easier. Here are three tips on how to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco:

  • Use Electricity-Based Throwables. Fuoco is particularly vulnerable to electricity. Use this to your advantage by bringing some throwing cells or electric blitz canisters with you. You can throw these from range and they will do massive damage to Fuoco.
  • Use the Environment to Your Advantage. There are a few pillars within the boss fight room. You can actually hide behind these to avoid some of Fuoco’s attacks. This small window can be used to heal up, or even sharpen your weapon. However, he can break these pillars. so make sure you save a few for stage two.
  • Take Advantage of Fuoco’s Vulnerabilities. After committing to a furious attack such as a spinning attack or a hammer slam, Fuoco becomes particularly vulnerable for a few seconds. Use this time to lay the damage on, before retreating. Your attacks will be much more effective.
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