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The Puppet Devouring Green Monster achievement in Lies of P is worth 15 points or a bronze trophy, depending on the console you play on. To unlock this achievement, you’ll need to defeat the Monster of the swamp.

Kill The Puppet-Devouring Green Monster

To unlock this achievement, you will need to kill the Monster of the Swamp boss. This fight is pretty tricky if you don’t take advantage of the boss’s weaknesses. So make sure that you come prepared with your best weapons and gear. 

If you want to 100% complete Lies of P, unlocking this achievement is essential.

Where to Find the Monster

You will find the Puppet Devouring Green Monster within the Barren Swamp, which is located at the end of Chapter 8. It’s the final boss of Chapter 8, so you will first need to make your way through the main story.

Once you reach the Barren Swamp, you will first be met with a boss called The Green Monster of the Swamp. He doesn’t actually become a “Puppet-Devouring” Green Monster until phase two.

How to Kill the Puppet Devouring Green Monster

Once you’ve made your way through Chapter 8, follow this guide to defeat the Puppet Devouring Green Monster with ease.

Phase One- Green Monster of the Swamp

Phase one of the Green Monster of the Swamp boss fight is tricky. But, the basic strategy is straightforward.

The Monster’s attacks are really slow, and you should be able to parry them pretty easily. So, stay as close as you can to the boss, and get a few attacks in after you stagger it with a parry. Rinse and repeat this process, and you should deplete his health bar pretty quickly.

The only attack you really need to pay attention to is the Monster’s Burrow attack. When it burrows into the ground, the monster will come out behind you and attack. The best way to counter this is by quickly turning and parrying whenever you see the Monster digging up the ground. 

Phase Two- Puppet Devouring Green Monster

Once you deplete the Monster’s health bar to zero, it will engulf the body of a huge puppet and transform into the ‘Puppet-Devoruing Green Monster’, starting the second phase of the fight. This phase is much harder because the Monster gains a bunch of new abilities after fusing with the puppet.

During this phase, the Monster’s most dangerous attack is his black tentacle ranged attack. To avoid the boss initiating this attack completely, use parries to stay as close to the Monster as you can. This will force it to initiate melee attacks, which you can time and parry very easily. 

Aside from the tentacle attack, the Monster also gains a new melee attack at this stage. It’s much more powerful than its previous attacks, but you can still parry it and counter with your own quick strikes.

As with stage one, keep parrying and countering, and you will eventually take down the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster. 


After you defeat the Green Monster of the Swamp, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Puppet- Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo.
  • Golden Ergo.

Of course, you will also unlock the Puppet Devouring Green Monster achievement, and earn 15 points/a bronze trophy. 

Extra Tips

Here are a few tips to increase your chances of taking out the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster first time:

  • Fire is your Ally. The Monster of the Swamp is very weak to fire damage. As such, you’ll want to stock up on plenty of cans of thermite to help you throughout the battle. You should even consider bringing the Flameberge Legion Arm with you.
  • Use Parries. When facing the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster, you need to stay as close to the boss as you can, to avoid it initiating any ranged attacks. Because of this, parries will be much more effective than dodges, as you’ll be able to stay in the pocket for longer periods.
  • Don’t summon a specter. It might seem tempting to summon a specter to help you defeat this boss. However, a specter will probably make this fight harder, because it will divide the Monster’s attention, meaning you can’t parry so often. So, unless you genuinely can’t defeat the boss without one, refrain from wasting a specter.
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