Does Lies of P Have Multiplayer?

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If you’re looking to enjoy what Lies of P has to offer with friends, you may be wondering, does Lies of P have multiplayer? The answer will probably shock you. 


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Does Lies of P have Multiplayer

Does Lies of P Have Multiplayer?

At the time of writing, the answer to the question, ‘Does Lies of P have multiplayer’ is a definitive no. This includes co-op and PVP modes. You can’t even spectate another person’s game.

So, when you enter the world of Lies of P, you are absolutely on your own. No one will be able to help you out with boss fights, or finding collectibles, adding to the game’s overall difficulty. 

However, it’s not all bad news. Lies of P technically has a multiplayer-like aspect, in the form of specters. When fighting a boss, players can summon a specter by using a star fragment. You can’t control this specter, and bosses will attack them as if they were another player. This can feel like playing with another person at times and is definitely the closest players will get to a multiplayer experience. It’s not the real thing, but it’s also not a terrible substitute either. 

Does Lies of P have Multiplayer

Will it Ever Have Multiplayer?

If you’re a multiplayer fan, then there’s some more bad news. Unfortunately, there will never be a multiplayer mode in Lies of P. Round8 studios, the creators of Lies of P, definitely shut down the idea of ever including a multiplayer mode in the game, and are not open to reconsidering. 

This means that the closest players will ever get to experiencing a multiplayer mode in Lies of P is by fighting alongside a specter. If you want to make this experience more realistic, then consider upgrading your specter with a Wishstone. This will make your specter more powerful and they’ll stay alive for longer in boss fights. 

Why Does Lies of P Not Have Multiplayer?

Round8 Studios has stated its reasons for not including a multiplayer option in Lies of P. They include:

  • The goal with Lies of P. Round8 studios wanted Lies of P to be a captivating single-player experience. Everything is designed to challenge, frighten, and captivate you, and you alone. Multiplayer, on the other hand, was never a goal with Lies of P, so, for the company, it doesn’t make sense to work on a co-op mode.
  • Difficulty. There’s no denying that Lies of P is an incredibly hard game, akin to the likes of Dark Souls. By adding multiplayer, this difficulty would be drastically reduced, therefore damaging a key part of what makes Lies of P so special. 
  • Ambiance. When addressing the question of multiplayer, Studio8 also admitted that it felt a multiplayer option would ruin the game’s overall ambiance. Lies of P is meant to feel dark and lonely, and having a buddy by your side would take away from this spooky atmosphere. 
  • Story-Driven. Lies of P is also incredibly story-driven. Multiplayer games generally better suit more combat/exploration-heavy games, which is another reason why Studio8 chose to keep the game single-player. 

This definitely answers the question, does Lies of P have multiplayer? It also shows that there will never be a multiplayer option for the game. And while this may seem disappointing, it does make sense. By adding multiplayer, all of the best attributes of Lies of P would be dampened, or taken away altogether. It’s simply not designed to be a multiplayer game.


The answer to the question of ‘Does Lies of P have multiplayer’ may disappoint you. However, most games in the Soulslike genre are single-player. Similar games like Dark Souls and even bigger RPGs such as The Witcher 3 are all single-player, for the exact same reasons. The focus is on the story and the difficulty of the combat, not on cooperative missions. 

Games like Lies of P should feel lonely. To take this crucial aspect away would actually make the game feel worse. So, it’s not all bad news!

However, if you do want to experience a game like Lies of P with friends, then consider checking out something like Elden Ring or Bloodborne. Both of these titles have a similar feeling to Lies of P but offer both co-op and PvP play. 

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