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Lies or Truth. Lies of P is Pinocchio meets bloodborne. Travel through the city of Krat which is currently undergoing a revolt of its mechanical servants, puppets. As in all souls-like there are a few side quests to broaden your understanding of the world. Here’s one from a weeping woman who just wants her baby back.


Help Venigni (Pulcinella)
Toma (Faded Whistle) Side Quest
Finding the lost baby Elena


You’ll find the weeping woman in Chapter 2. At the ‘Inside the house of Elysion Boulevard’. From the fast travel point. Head onto the balcony and across the wooden plank to your right. There will be two enemies on the balcony, one you can see and one hiding around the corner with a large spiky stick.

Walk over the roof, watching out for the enemy on the roof and the one above you who will throw things at you. These are actually explosive projectiles. You’ll find an adjoining path across to another roof on your left. Take another left through the broken wall and then through a door on your right to end up back outside again.

At this point you’ll hear the woman, talking about how dark it is. Walk out onto the platform where a ladder is attached and turn to you right to see her at her window. Head down the ladder and take a left to approach her window.

One way to know that you have managed to find the correct window is by locating one that still has a light on. Thus the building will be lit up and reflection of someone behind the curtain.

Warning though, as you head down the ladder there will be a mini boss. A police detective who is quite tough and carries a police baton. Which is regarded as part of the ‘Normal Weapons’ collectibles.

Finding the Weeping Woman in Lies Of P

Talk to the Weeping Woman

Talk to the woman in the window above. Get there by climb up the ladders after the police detective battle. Here she will warn you that you are in a petrification disease quarantine zone. She is glad to see someone around and asks you a favour. Apparently, her family took her baby away and sent her here. She asks you to go to Krat City Hall and bring her her baby. Her baby is known as Elena. You’ll be given the option to refuse but it makes no sense to. You want the plot, right? Agree to help the woman to start the quest.

She’ll be very grateful but tell you to hurry as the disease will be taking her sight soon and she wants to see her baby Elena one last time.


After speaking with the Weeping Woman we now want to proceed to the Krat City Hall. We can do so by following the road round and heading through the gate.

If this is your first time at the bridge here, you will be treated to a cutscene and a fight. If it’s not head directly over and through the iron gates on the other side. Take a right and follow the road, until you find a water fountain and you’ll be at your destination. There will be three normal regular enemies here, at the fountain. Along with a set of steps we can head up.

Proceed up these steps and before we enter the building (City Hall) we will find ourselves in a small courtyard, which is actually the city hall garden. There will also be the sound of scuffling or scratching. It is in fact the sound of a nearby enemy. A rather large one but don’t worry, it is much easier than the police constable you just faced. Defeat this large individual and collect the puppet on the floor in the corner by a tree, this is actually baby Elena. Gemini will speak with us. It would seem that this puppet is no longer operational.

The description for this specific Lies Of P Weeping Woman quest is as follows;

You’ll find the ‘baby’ to the right by a tree.

‘A broken puppet covered in wounds.

It was left in the city hall garden.

A luxury item that the child of a rich family once played with. It is unknown where the puppet’s owner is.’

Once you have successfully managed to collect baby Elena we can return back to House on Elysion Boulevard and, more specifically, back to the Weeping Woman

Return the Baby ELENA

Head back the way you came, cross the bridge, streets, and iron gates. Finally, up the ladder of the scaffolding back to the weeping woman. She will know you already have her baby and you give her the baby puppet.

She’ll then ask you if you think her baby is adorable. However, Elena is actually a puppet. Not a real human baby. Thus we will now be given a choice and little time in which to choose our option.

Tell Her the Baby is a Puppet – OPTION

If you tell the woman that her baby is a puppet, she will accuse you of lying. You will be rewarded with a Vivid Ergo Fragment which is worth 300 ergo.

Tell Her the Baby is Cute – OPTION

If you lie to the woman and tell her, her baby is cute she will be pleased and you will be rewarded with not only the Vivid Ergo Fragment which is worth 300 ergo but the also Feel Record. Records can be used on the gramophone in Hotel Krat to give new background music. It is also part of the collectibles section.

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