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Toma is another optional and, perhaps, missable side quest within Lies Of P. It requires us to find a Faded Whistle. Which once belonged to a friendly police detective. In order to activate it we will need to be on chapter 2. Exploring Boulevard. Where young Toma will be crying out about Murphy. Who is, indeed, the missing police detective.

Now in Lies Of P these side quests are rather missable because they are not very obvious. Unless you know what you are looking for. In this case, quests can be found by finding a window with a set of curtains and a light on. Most other windows appear dark and empty.


Scrapped Watchman Boss Fight
Help Venigni (Pulcinella)
Weeping Woman Side Quest (Missing Baby)
Finding both Toma and the Faded Whistle

Find Toma

You can find Toma in their house on the Boulevard area in chapter 2. The closest fast travel point is ‘Inside the house of Elysion Boulevard’. From there, head outside and take a right across a board connecting two balconies.

There will be two enemies’ puppets on the other side. One you should be able to see and one hiding around the corner with a long spikey stick. Take out the two of them and carry on over the damaged roof. Head to the right and another puppet with a long stick will appear from around the corner.

Take it out before rounding the corner as there is a puppet who will shoot at you once you head around. He will be standing on the rooftops throwing projectiles. Anyway, more importantly, there will be a set of ladders. Proceed and head down them to the ground floor.

We speak with Toma to begin the search for the Faded Whistle

Speak to Toma at the Window

You’ll hear them talking about ‘Murphy’ as you get close. You should hear it on the ladder if not when you set yourself down at street level. Find Toma’s lit up window directly across the street from the ladder you just travelled down. It will have a few trashcans outside of it.

It turns out this Murphy is a puppet police officer and Toma has the petrification disease that seems to be rampant on the city. Puppets cannot catch it.

They won’t give you an obvious mission but in order to further this storyline you will need to find the Faded Whistle.

Location of the Faded Whistle

You’ll find the Faded Whistle after beating the Scrapped Watchmen. There is a stone bench in the area, lit up with candles that has scratches on the ground, with the word ‘Friends’. You should find the Faded Whistle on the floor there.

The whistle will be in your collectable tab in the recollection section and be described as worn smooth from use.

‘The Children blew the whistle for the friends. He may have been discarded as a failure, but in those moments at least, he was the children’s police officer.’

This is a large hint that the scrapped watchman was once a rather kind puppet and played with children. This sounds similar to the story that Toma gave you of his puppet police officer friend, Murphy.

Return to Toma’s Window

Return to Toma’s window. Using the fast travel point at ‘Inside the house of Elysion Boulevard’ again. Travel the same way over the balconies and rooftops. Assuming you have rested between now and then you can expect enemy placement to be the same. Meaning that they have respawned. Defeat the 2 puppets on the balcony and one on the rooftop in your way. Watch out for the one throwing things at you as you head to the ladder. Remember, Toma’s window is directly across the street from the ladder and has trashcans in front of it.  

You can talk to them again but you won’t get anything from it and no matter how many times you talk it will be the same dialogue stating that they miss their puppet friend Murphy. In order to complete this quest, you will need to head into the collections tab within the menu, then recollections section of your inventory. Select the faded whistle and select Use.

Pinocchio will use the whistle in front of the window. Toma will recognise the whistle and mistake you for Murphy. They thank you for coming by but say they are too sick to play. They will talk about the times they played together and the friends he misses.

You’ll be rewarded with a Radiant Ergo Fragment. The Radiant Ergo Fragment is worth 500 Ergo.

That is all there is to the quest. Just a bit of grim story telling to add to this world. Likely put in to show that there were good puppets once and to tell you more about the petrification disease. At the very least, you will have reminded the sick Toma of happier times.

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