How Many Endings Does Lies of P Have?

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How many endings does Lies of P have is probably a question at the back of your mind as you play through the game. Every option that you take has a different consequence, which naturally sparks curiosity about how the ending could play out. Keep reading to find out how many endings there are, and how to unlock each one. Warning. This guide contains massive spoilers. 


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How many endings does Lies of P have?

How Many Endings Does Lies of P Have?

So, how many endings does Lies of P have? The answer is three. These are:

  • The Real Boy Ending
  • The Free From the Puppet String Ending
  • The Rise of P Ending 

The ending that you get depends on the choices that you make throughout the rest of the story. Each ending also unlocks unique achievements and collectibles that cannot be obtained through the other endings. 

How many endings does Lies of P have?

The Real Boy Ending

The first ending Lies of P has is the Real Boy Ending. In this ending, you will end up giving your heart so that Geppetto can resurrect his son, Carlo. It ultimately leads to Pinocchio basically dying, and after Carlo is resurrected, Gepetto makes him murder all of the survivors in Hotel Krat

To unlock the real boy ending, all you need to do is give Geppetto your heart when he asks in the final mission. This is by far the easiest ending to unlock in Lies of P because your previous game choices don’t really have an effect. It all comes down to giving Gepetto the heart. However, it’s also the darkest ending, as is generally seen as the worst conclusion to Lies of P.

Free From the Puppet String Ending

The Second piece of the puzzle for how many endings Lies of P has is the Free from the Puppet String Ending. This is commonly referred to as the ‘normal’ ending. 

In this ending, you must refuse to give Gepetto your heart when he asks you for it. This will trigger the Nameless Puppet boss fight, which is one of the hardest bosses in the game. 

The boss fight ends up with the Nameless Puppet attempting to destroy your heart. However, Geppetto will sacrifice himself to save it, so he can use it to resurrect Carlo. But, he later dies from his wounds and Carlo ultimately stays dead. 

After Geppetto dies, Pinocchio will essentially be a free agent, free from Geppetto’s control.

To unlock this ending, you must tell the truth as often as you can. It’s also important to keep your humanity score as low as possible, by not listening to any records, for example. 

Rise of P Ending

The Rise of P ending is known as the ‘true’ ending to Lies of P. However, you will ironically have to lie at every point in your playthrough to unlock it. Then, when the time comes, refuse to give Geppetto your heart.

This will initiate the same boss fight with the Nameless Puppet. However, after you defeat it, Geppetto will apologise your lying to you. Then, Pinochho will revive Sofia with his Ergo.

This ending also comes with a pretty confusing post-credits scene that references Dorothy’s Red Slippers. This could be a hint in the next game of the series. 

Which is the Best Ending in Lies of P?

In terms of the story, the best ending in Lies of P all comes down to your personal preference and how you like to play the game. However, from a collectibles and equipment standpoint, there is one clear winner- The Rise of P Ending.

This ending will unlock the most achievements and weapons. So it’s a great choice if you’re playing for the first time.

Some of the best unique collectibles and achievements you can unlock from this ending include:

  • The Story of the Blue Butterfly Achievement. You unlock this achievement after reading the letter in Geppetto’s study. It’s worth 30 points/a silver trophy. 
  • Golden Lie Weapon. You can only unlock this weapon after playing every record and examining the long-nose portrait at Krat. These options are only available through the Lies of P Ending. 
  • Rise of P Achievement. This achievement is exclusive to the Rise of P ending. It’s worth 80 points/a gold trophy.

So, if you’re overwhelmed with how many endings Lies of P has, it’s a good idea to choose the Rise of P ending. Then, you can always go back and opt for a different ending during a different playthrough. 

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