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End of Riddles is an achievement in Lies of P that requires you to explore every Trinity Sanctum in the game. However, this is much easier said than done, because to enter each Trinity Sanctum you will need a Trinity Key. The End of Riddles achievement is worth 30 points or a silver trophy.


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End of Riddles Lies of P

Discover all Trinity Sanctums

The only requirement to complete End of Riddles is to discover every Trinity Sanctum in the game. However, before you can enter a Trinity Sanctum, you must first find a Trinity Key. There are five sanctums in total, and every time you enter one, you will use up a key, meaning you’ll need five keys in total to complete End of Riddles.

After exploring the final Trinity Sanctum, you will complete End of Riddles and earn 30 points or a silver trophy, depending on your chosen platform. Trinity Sanctums also contain pretty good loot, which is an added bonus. 

End of Riddles Lies of P

Where to Find Every Trinity Key

The first step of completing End of Riddles is to find each Trinity Key. To obtain the key, you need to answer a riddle via a phone. Here are the riddle locations and answers:

  • Trinity Riddle One. Firstly, you’ll need to head to Area III and make your way to the Venigni Works Factory. You should be able to see the phone just over the bridge outside the factory. Pick the phone up and, after listening to the riddle, answer ‘Human.’
  • Trinity Riddle Two. The second phone can be found near the Malum District Town Hall Stargazer. Head to the main plaza and you should see a small room with a zombie inside. After taking out the zombie, you’ll be able to see the phone. Then, pick up the phone and answer ‘Candle’.
  • Trinity Riddle Three. The third phone is located in the Grand Exhibition Gallery hall. The answer to the riddle is ‘Egg’. However, after answering this riddle, you’ll also need to find a cold woman and take her key. To find her, head to the room that houses Vegnini’s tram cars. You will find two statues. The one facing away from the other houses the key, and you just need to rotate her around to find it. This is the hardest key to find for End of Riddles.
  • Trinity Riddle Four. Next, head back to Krat Central Station and take the path toward the Parade Master fight area. But instead of going to this area, take the other path that goes toward the sea. When you find the phone, answer ‘Ergo’.
  • Trinity Riddle 5. Finally, the last phone can be found just above the entrance to the Rise of Trismegistus boss fight. Your answer does not matter.
Lies of P trinity room

Where to Find Every Trinity Room to Complete End of Riddles

Once you have the Trinity Key, you’ll be able to open up the corresponding Trinity Room, putting you one step closer to completing End of Riddles.

Here are the locations of each Trinity Room:

  • Trinity Room One. The first room can be found within the Venigni Works complex. Simply head to the area where you first meet the Black Cat and enter the corridor defended by puppets. You should find the Trinity room inside.
  • Trinity Room Two. Firstly, head to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Then, enter the corridor where the electric ball rolls down. Walk down the corridor towards the wheel. Then, climb the ladder, and down the second corridor, you should find the second Trinity Room that you need to locate for End of Riddles.
  • Trinity Room Three. Luckily, this room is much easier to find. Just before the King of Puppets boss room in Estella Opera House, you should see a burning chandelier. Below this chandelier, you will find a hole. Drop down the hole and you’ll be in front of the third Trinity Room.
  • Trinity Room Four. Likewise, this room is pretty easy to find. Just teleport to Krat Central Station and head around the outside of the spawn point. The Trinity room will be waiting for you.
  • Trinity Room Five. Finally, the last room is located on the Arche Abbey Outer Wall, just below the Atrium. It should be noted that this room can only be unlocked by the fifth Trinity key.

After you open all five Trinity rooms, you will unlock the End of Riddles trophy achievement, putting you a few points closer to 100% completion. 

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